Jun 7, 2012

5 ways to style my new only-dress

Hi, today I'm gonna present you my new favourite dress. I've been searching for a one like this for AGES and I'm so happy that I finally found it! The nice thing is, there are literally a hundred ways to style it. These are my favourites...
1. This is it, simply worn as a dress. And yes, that's a belt wrapped around my wrist. I don't have any golden jewellery, so.... And yes, my legs are looking kinda ugly in this picture. It's my daddy's fault, he made this pic.
2. The dress, worn as a long skirt. Not as dress and simply the top over it, but with a belt fixed on your hips.
3. Jaa, bad quality pic. I know. But I really like this look. The shorts are DIYed, together with the dress it's a really relaxed look and more casual than the others and not so princess-y.
4. As a vintage lover, neon colors aren't my thing. And although I really love this top, I almost never wear it because of its color. But worn with pastels (especially with mint... <3) it looks kinda great and even I can wear it. I'm gonna write a special "Style the trend" post when my laptop works again...
5. The dress worn as a short skirt. This time I simply put the tee over the dress. (Sorry for this stupid laugh :DD )

I really love the dress and you'll soon see more combinations in outfit posts. Love you all, Mary

1 comment:

  1. The photo with the laugh is my favorite :)
    Favorite outfit and the picture looks more natural like this.