Jun 28, 2012

Style the trend and my new best friend

HEY, a rime, a rime. Okay, seriously. As a vintage lover, neon isn't made for me. I've been thinking about it a few times and recently, I found the solution. It isn't new, I know. Cough. Simply combining two trends, neon with pastels looks pretty great! And to show you how to style it, I need help. Drum roll.... here's my new best friend!

I don't know her name, maybe you can help me? Seriously again, here are a few looks...

This is a color-blocking top with a mint colored waterfall skirt which you can't really see in the picture as I had to take the webcam ( my mobile is broken somehow).  Skirts like this ( only nicer) are to be found on forever21.com or Chicwish. I've seen a similar top in a little store ( I can't remember the name), but wait... DIY alert!

You already know these ones. It is a ONLYdress and an old sweater from forever21 in the first picture and a tropical tee and my fav shorts from forever21 in the second one.
This is ONE PIECE with the combination all in it. Pretty amazing. You can find those beautiful shorts here.
xoxo, Mary
( sorry, this post is rather stupid and so on.... But I hope you all have a nice day. )

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