Jun 14, 2012

Medal DIY

Hi, another DIY today. I've always loved the shape of the medals you can win in a horse race. Unfortunatly, I never learned riding and I'm pretty bad at sports, so I have no chance to win such a medal. The only way to get a medal was to DIY one! I tried a few times until it worked, but I'm really happy how it came out :)

1. Supplies: You'll need a hot glue gun, a big button, ribbon, paper in the same color, an old map (optional) and scissors.

2. Cut a circle out of the paper with your BIG button (ignore the one on the picture) as a pattern.  Next, cut some ribbon in the length you want to have. The ribbon will be the little bow-y thing...
3. Now, cut the ribbon into pieces shaped like the one on the left ( you'll need around ten). Arrange them on your circle of paper, but remember to leave out the bottom, think of the bow-y thing from step 2.

4. Lay your button on the map and draw down the outline. Cut it out and glue it on your button. This step  is optional, but I only had  pretty ugly button so I decided to embellish it a little bit.

5. Glue time! Glue it all together. But think of this order...
  1. Lay down the circle
  2. Glue the arranged ribbon from step 3 on it
  3. Glue the little tie from step 2 on
  4. Now you can either just glue the button in the middle or pin it on.

 Done! This would make a cute gift for a friend or your parents if it is someone's birthday ( It is my father's birthday today :D ). I hope you liked this DIY.
xoxo, Mary.

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