Jun 6, 2012

Measuring tape ring DIY

Welcome to my first DIY ever. I made this ring a week ago and I got, like, a thousand compliments. I made it inspired by a ring seen on etsy. This is a simple and beautiful DIY, hope you like it!

Supplies: Vintage measuring tape ( you can also print an image from google), a hot glue gun, pearls and junk, and see-through-tape.
First, cut your measuring tape in the right length for a ring. Don't make it too short. Then tape it with the see-trough-tape to make it last longer and water-resistant.
Now, form a ring and tape the two ends together. I know, my one doesn't even look like a circle...

Fun Part: Decorating! Arrange the pearls on your ring. I recommend placing them on the place where you taped the two ends together. Take your hot glue gun and glue the pearls on. Don't take too much glue, as you don't want to see the glue when it's dryed.

(Sorry for my ugly nail.... and the bad picture quality in the next one.)  Allow it to dry.... And TADAA, finished! Hope you liked it. Love you, Mary

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