Jun 17, 2012


Star Trek. Outer Space. Spock. Just speak these words out loud. Do you feel it? It is galvanic in a wonderful way.  This movies are made since my Daddy was born and I love every episode. One of the newer ones was in TV a few days ago and I loved it as well as I love the older episodes where it is more than obvious that everything is fake. I love the words they use. When the Captain tells a story or is giving orders half of his words are random. I Love the characters, especially Mr. Spock. He is simply... logical :D His attitude is amazing, he never gets scared and always knows an answer. James T. Kirk rules the world. He is refreshingly a human and so cool and relaxed and polite and wise and everything. The other characters are so different and everyone is amazing.
This Video is from youtube and I do not own any rights. This is a wonderful episode :)
Luckily, we have a TV program which plays STAR TREK all the time. And there are days, aproximmatly two a week, when I am so down and only these movies can help me. I spend the whole day looking STAR TREK. This tutorial from rookiemag.com shows you how to bring STAR TREK in your home. I did the same thing when I was a little child.
Have fun with Mr. Spock :) xoxo, Mary

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