Jun 25, 2012

Rock your school bag

School's boring and sucks especially before summer holidays. You know it is important, though, you have to learn to get a good job and so on. You've heard that a thousand times. All that you need is a little less boredom and DIYs like these. It will help a lot if you have cool things lying on your desk, trust me. xoxo, Mary

This is my scrapbook, the cover is made out of an old magazine and a encyclopedia. DIY ALERT!
My diary for not only homework. This is the cover with pictures of all my friends and stuff.

This is what it looks inside. There isn't enough space for homework at all, it is more like a real diary. Don't take a close look... my friends like to write stupid things. Cough.

This is Massopilami. my pencil case. He has earrings, a necklace, eyeliner and even a tattoo. Isn't he cute? :DD

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