Jun 5, 2012

Hi out there.

I did it. After months of planning and dreaming I finally opened my blog. I really hope you like it. I'm going to write about fashion and DIYs, as you can see in the header. It is my personal obsession, and since my mind is full of ideas, I'm gonna share them with you. Hoping there are a few freaks like me out there. I'm gonna tell you a few things about me...

Something about my style. I would describe it as... kind of relaxed. In winter, I LOVE all things boyish, but soon as spring begins I'm starting to wear skirts and dresses and all things making me look like a princess whith a crown made out of daisys. I love vintage, it doesn't matter if it is a dress or an old plate, I always feel like a princess when I see vintage and start smiling like crazy. Vintage things have a lot more personality than new things from h&m or something. I find inspiration everywhere, wether I'm just walking around  or looking movies. That's why I need my sewing machine, I'm learning to sew my dreams, actually. But now I have only a few basic skills. I almost never find what I'm looking for. Mmmh... what else? I'm a teribble accessourizer, I love dusty pink and pastell colors, and I'm always wearing at least one DIYed thing. Today it is my favourite skirt. I got many of my clothes from my mom or my grandma and also from thrift stores, 'cause the clothes bought or got there are unique.
I'm from Germany, and living in a very small village for all my life, I can tell you A LOT about mainstream people. I'm trying hard not to look like everybody. Fashion is not only for being accepted or "cool" or something, it is a way to express who you are and who you want to be. It is about showing your identity. The pressure to be "in" is big, especially in school, and dressing like everyone can be easier. You little fashion freak won't be happy with this, though. Karl Lagerfeld once said "Clothes are made to make people happy" and it's my fav quote EVER.

That's it. Tomorrow I will post my first DIY, hopefully. Love you, Guys.

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  1. I clicked "Older Post" like ten gazillion times to get to this post! For me, it is always the first post that defines a blogger. And this pos sure didn't disappoint ;)