Jun 24, 2012

New stuff.

I ordered a few things on Forever21 and they finally arrived. I love this outfit... <3

I really love the shorts. I already have literally a thousand ways to wear them. 
I also got a necklace. It wasn't expensive and it looked nice, so I bought it. I expected it to be a lot bigger, though. But I kinda like it... it's cute.
And by the way, sorry for letting you wait so long. School kept me busy, even my weekend as we did a fun trip to practice in my choir. It was great, we had a lot of fun and I felt like a star on saturday as everyone kept telling me compliments for my style and for my little charleston-dance. xoxo, Mary


  1. i love this outfit! the matching with florals and pastels is great. you look so cute!


    1. aww, thanks a lot! you made my day, Paolina, do ya know? you are the first person to EVER leave a comment on my blog! :)) a big, big hug for you :)

      <3, Mary

  2. Your blog is fabulous! I think I must have pressed the "Older Post" button about 6 million times to get here, but I love your posts and everything you write!

    We should keep in touch, maybe follow each other or whatever. You're perfect, seriously.

    xoxo Caroline