Aug 7, 2012

DIY Cutoffs

1. Supplies: Scissors, 89' washed jeans ( Mine were thrifted and costed me about fifty cents! ), and a file. 
2. Mark the length you want an cut it off. Destroy the seam.
3. Destroy! Use your file to get the perfect ribbed shorts.
4. Yay you're done! You've got your perfect vintage high-waist-shorts! If the waist doesn't fit, just wear a belt. These would look absolutely amazing with a band shirt.

As this is my first blogging summer, you can expect many DIYs and random stuff and shopping. I will go to Primark in a week, hopefully. I was looking forward to this trip for two weeks and I keep telling everybody what I am going to buy. Yesterday I've even dreamt that the shoes I want weren't in stock in my size! What a nightmare!
The weather is bad again. I mean, it is still summer, it shouldn't be to cold for shorts and stormy?! That's so unfair, what can I do with all the summer dresses and sleeveless tops and shorts and skirts? I will wear them, it doesn't matter how cold it would be! 

have a nice day, and a wonderful rest of summer,

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