Aug 6, 2012

How it looks like when I am bored

When I am bored, I write and draw everything down that comes into my mind. Most of the time, my friends start drawing with me and suddenly, there is no space left on my paper. All my entries in my exercise books look like this. Cough. The good thing is, "drawings" like these look like a mind map from 1975. What is great. And here's how to escape your boredom and creating something nice at the same time. RANDOM RULES!

1. 3-D-Lettering can look pretty awesome. That brings us to another important thing: Use many, many different kinds of handwriting. Like capitals and cursive and stuff. 

2. Arrows! Arrows are awesome! Again, use many different ones.

3. If you are sick of arrows, you can draw real "mind-map stuff". But not only a cloud and a few lines but an amazing octopus with as many tentacles as you need. For example, if you are thinking of fashion and sewing, you can draw a pattern of a shirt next to the octopus' head and many different print next to the tentacles. Which leads us to...

4. Symbols! If you are thinking of better weather, draw a sun. Draw skyscrapers if you wanna visit a big, big city. Draw smileys, simply draw all the random that come's into your mind. And if you are a really, really awesome person ( I assume you are) you'd draw...

5. Pacman! Drawing Pacman helped me through uncountable lessons in the past few weeks.

6. If you have colorful pens and prints and highlighters, mix everything together like a collage. Color your life :DD ( and, just in case, if someone highlights you, don't mind. It'll be fun. )

Random. I know. Random. Don't mind. It came into my mind.

Have a nice day, Mary

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