Aug 9, 2012

DIY Deer tote

I made up a little easy DIY for you a few weeks ago and I'm wearing this bag again and again. I saw this print on a similar bag and couldn't resist DIYing it. Hope you like it!

1. You'll need: a tote ( if it isn't printed like mine, you can forget the next three steps), white fabric, tailor's chalk, a fabric pen, and scissors. And a sewing machine.
2. Lay your tote on the fabric and measure out how much fabric you'll need for your own just white tote.
3. Sew the two layers together. (That's easy, no need to explain. Everyone can sew a tote. )
4. Sew the bag handles on ( I cut mine off of my printed tote. )
5. Print a deer or draw one on a sheet of paper. You can use it as a pattern.
    Now draw the deer down on the fabric. Draw huge antlers across the whole upper part of the tote. You are done now! Have fun         with your new DIYed tote.

Have a nice day, Mary

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