Aug 28, 2012

Hang on, Buddy!

when we rode this one, I was all like "Spock, save me!" and "If I get hurt, Beverly crusher, please help me!"



Yo, I did this! How badass.

look at me, doing my supercool spock pose :)

This one was named ENTERPRISE!

It's my lil' sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday, cutie! Thank you for being a super cute sister, for being nice and yelling at me (cough, very nice, cough), and for always reminding me of us two being super cool sisters! She turned eleven and we spent the whole day in Freizeitland Geiselwind, which was so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful day!


PS: These are pictures from my daddy's and my sister's cameras, as my camera is pretty much... bad. But - big but - I will buy a reflex camera soon! I will name her Norbert. Yay.

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