Aug 17, 2012

The same procedure as every year, Ms. Sophie?

Fall trends 

I hate hate hate to admit it, but summer is almost over. The last few weeks felt like fall, anyways, but luckily, it is hot now for the rest of my summer break so I finally get the chance to wear all my dresses and shorts over and over. So, let's enjoy the sunny moments and soak up as much sun as you can. But Fall will come and you will be a stylish girl, so I summed up a few of the fall trends. Which are (in case of Marc 'o Polo and some others) basically the same as every year. Be optimistic: you can wear all the old stuff. But luckily, there are some rad, wonderful Designers and trends to lead us through fall more trendy and badass. 


As every year, the fall clothes are not half as colorful as the summer ones. Blue and brown (and some red) at Marc 'o Polo and Hilfiger. The designers seemed to be a little bit sick of this, though, so they added some colors in their collections. Gold would be important. And red also, like last year. And, to add a dramatic glamour vibe, diamonds are a must! This would be the designers color story. Being a normal girl and not having just thousand dollars left to buy a Dolce & Gabbana coat, black and grey are important for fall. 


This maybe is the most important point this year.

1. Leather ( for a gothic vibe)

2. Tweed ( for a british vibe)

3. Silk ( for an asian vibe)

But this year, it isn't only like a silk top, a tweed shorts or a leather coat- It is a mix of every fabric. A tweed and leather biker jacket, or a silk and leather crop ( I really like that). 

Studs are also a good way to make a outfit a little more badass. Summer, with all the pastel colors and ice cream, is over! (That's a trend. I will love pastel colors forever.) Beside Studs, Embroidery gets a new meaning and is no longer only made for hippies and vintage lovers, but for eccentric, extravagant baroque queens (Dolce & Gabbana). 

Patterns are also important. Baroque prints or Paisley or Asian prints - the more, the better!  Sixties prints (are great and a must have. Prada and many others created real costumes, with both pants and blazers. Which brings us to... 
Twin Sets! Maddie from Madalynne wrote about them and found the perfect words. They were a summer trend, too, but we just have to get the cute garments into fall fashion. 


Boyfriend style is a huge trend for quite a while now, but it changed decades this fall. It's almost always the same: Trend + Trend = New Trend. This time, the "Golden Twenties" were combined with Boyfriend style. And it looks totally awesome! That's a fall trend which I really like. I tell you why: In summer, I am very girly and wear dresses and pink all over, but when it gets colder, I almost only wear boy stuff. I've got a confession to make: I am shopping in the men's department. Their clothes are so much cozier! But only in Winter, of course.

Asos, luckily, features a whole collection of boyfriend stuff. Get it here.


Since the white collection from Acne, white is a huge trend. This fall, the pure and simple designs are also available in black. Remember: Pure means pure. Do not destroy these futuristic looks with too much jewelery.

Peplum stuff and bracelet from asos, Bomber and Coat from Topshop.


You could already see and feel this trend in summer, but now, with the fall color story, it gets much darker. It is all about baroque queens and princesses, about embroidery and overloading. But it also got a Upgrade: The overloading scheme was transformated through a time machine right into... the Sixties! Big Sixties patterns are printed on shorts, trousers, blazers, basically everything. Prada and Dolce & Gabbana styled it perfectly.

Dress from topshop, rest from Asos.
This trend isn't made for everybody but for eccentric, stylish women. Many eyebrows will be raised when you are dressed this way but you know for sure YOU ARE THE MOST STYLISH WOMEN HERE.

I will discover more fall trends in the next months, but these are the most important for fall 2012. I hoped you liked it.

Have a wonderful day, Mary

PS: You should know that I worked three hours for this post. So please read it. :DD

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