Aug 16, 2012

Don't stop.

My latest obsession are socks. How can I resist. Socks are perfect for the end of summer. You can style socks like a classic School girl with a plaid skirt or dress, which certainly would look awesome. But socks also offer a more high-fashion way to wear them: Since this year socks worn in heels are no longer a no-go but a must-have trend. I really like it, especially when the socks are printed like these. So Socks all over the world, gather and struggle for fairness! No longer hidden in shoes but a awesome fashion statement! YAY!

Forever 21

While the socks from F 21 are rather funny and playful, the socks from Asos are perfect for the schoolgirl style, which is again perfect for fall. Imagine those Asos socks in Oxfords! 

Have a nice day, Mary

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