Aug 20, 2012

DIY Feather necklace

Hey, lovelies. I recently made a necklace with my best buddy, you may have seen it here before. It took quite long, but was very easy and I think it came out great. I was inspired by a wonderful feather necklace seen on Etsy in the beautiful shop Rouge Pony. Hope you like this DIY!

1. You'll need: feathers, I needed about twelve, a elastic bracelet like mine, wooden pearls, superglue, a leather string and a Pearl Maker ( available in craft stores, but if you don't have one, it's no problem. You can simply glue pearls on, but this will take way longer)

2. Cut the elastic bracelet so it's no longer a ring. Then pearl it. Use your pearl maker to cover it completely in pearls. If you don't have one, glue pearls on.

3. That's the fun part. Get your best friend ready, and then paint the wooden pearls. Use different prints, you could paint a globe, or stripes, or dots, whatever you want. Then you put the pearls on the end of the feathers, to be seen in the picture. Arrange the feathers along the band.

4. Glue the feathers on. I recommend using superglue, as neither strong tape nor hot glue will work, trust me. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory: Take your leather band, string, whatever and glue it on both ends. Remember, it has to be long enough! It would be great if you have a breech to close your necklace, but it will also work without it. If the leather band is to long, simply tie it. 

5. Yay you're done! 

Have fun with your new bohemian-flair necklace!

Hope your day will be wonderful, 



  1. sehr schön!

    Bei mir läuft ein Giveaway für Jungs und Mädchen, kannst ja mitmachen, würde mich freuen :)