Nov 2, 2012

I am proud of being weird, you know

Hey hey hey darlings. Sorry for this way too much daily life stuff on my blog lately - this will change soon and I will blog more about fashion. Let me tell you something about today's outfit. As you may have recognized, I love collars lately. I wear them with everything. Today, I was just pulling some stuff out of my closet, and it looked quite cool together, I guess. I first wore a jeans button-up with this, but it didn't felt good. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was like "Oh wait. This is way too normal. You look like a mainstream bitch." and got my awesome customized jeans jacket out. And it felt way better. Dressing different has become a huge part of my personality and life, I could never walk out the door in just some mainstream stuff (H&M, you know...) cuz I am celebrating weirdness with everything I do. 
Enough of this. Today was (and will be) quite cool, we took a long long walk on the beach and will go to the swimming pool now (yay!). I took many more pictures. Dude, how much I love Oskar (my reflex camera, new readers!)! And I ate so much that I feel pretty sick now. Oh well... 
Happy Halloween. I kinda forgot to say that last time. How did you celebrated Halloween? 

Live long and prosper ( I am such a Star Trek Maniac...) or Bye Bye,



  1. You live in Germany? Me too! I saw the link to your blog under a comment of yours in Rookie. I didn't know that there are any German Rookies out there! This is so cool!
    I like the jeans jacket. I have a jeans jacket I'd like to design in my own style, too but I didn't find the time yet.
    This is my blog:
    Do you think it would be better if I'd write in English, too?
    I hope for your answer!

    WOW. It's literally the best thing I've seen in 4 hours on the internet.

  3. your jacket is amazing!!!!!
    the flowers look really cool on it. and so does the super cool badge you made.
    sorry i don't comment on your blog much, I do read it on my ipod and then I forget to comment on the computer.
    I have stuck your letter on my wall.
    stay weird.

  4. OH MAH LORD, I feel the same way. Like, I feel really uncomfortable if I look "too normal" and then I have to change. Dressing weird is just a huge part of me.

    Anyways, your jacket is fantastic and you look incredible!

  5. i totally relate to this post!
    sometimes it can feel like too much... like i have this obligation and I owe it to society to dress a certain way, you know? But I think overall it just pushes me to be more creative :)

    also i love the jacket!


  6. I second that! Dressing normal is so cliche!

  7. Very very cute!

  8. best mod of a denim jacket i've seen. wow. <3