Nov 29, 2012

The corner of your eyes, I long forevermore, I never want to say goodnight, miracle goodnight

Heyhey. Today was nice but also sucked. I meant to go to the cinema with some amazing friends and I forgot it! I am just so stupid...
Oh well. But George, my hamster from last post, is doing well and we bought a huge cage and he's running around and eating and is hella cute. And tomorrow will be awesome because my best buddy and I will have a sleepover and we'll make stickers. 
My outfit's pretty much way too cold for November, but hey, it's never too cold for Tulle. So, my Tulle Skirt is DIYed with this amazing tutorial from Marlena, and those Saddle Shoes, too. I am wearing Santa Claus socks 'cause they are cozy and Santa's real and cool. And. Please have a look at my tee. It's a vintage men tee from the Kennedy Space center and the print's breathtaking, in my opinion! And I felt like dancing ballett (I took classes for five years or more when I was a child... well, actually two years ago.) so I did something strange. I love ballett, and I would love to dance again, but sadly, there's no good school here (at least no one I know). Well.

And then I put some stickers all over my face because stickers are amazing. And I think this balloon belongs to my face. Maybe I will just leave it on till I die.




  1. lovely tulle and grunge combo, you're like a space angel ballerina. Lt. S.A.B

    instead of an elephant

  2. qt pi

  3. You're freaking adorable!!:D And I want your skirt, I'm too lazy to make my own.;)

  4. Nice outfit! You are quite adorable :P

  5. I was going to ask you where you got your tutu, then i read your post and found out that you made it yourself. So cool! I wish I had a fluffy tutu to wear, even though it's way too cold out haha

  6. Good luck with the hamster! That's horrible that someone dumped him. My hamster is from a pet shop which isn't much of a back story, but as he was at the bottom of a pile of sleeping hamsters he counts as a semi rescue. I've probably said this before, but the tulle skirt is beautiful and contrasts with the t-shirt so well <3

  7. Oh I completely adore this outfit!! You are too cute!

  8. OMG that skirt...simply adorable. You're cute.

    xoxo Britt