Nov 24, 2012

Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear

An Ode to Docs

Docs are a very important part of the blogger community. I mean, every blogger seems to own at least one pair, except me. They are my number one on my Christmas wishlist forever. Here's why Doc Martens are officially the best shoes in the universe.

1. They make each and every look perfect.

Whether you are wearing Tulle, Lace, Levi's Cutoffs, or your style's rather kawaii, Doc Martens will always look perfect. They come in incredibly many colors, so it's pretty hard to choose. My all-time-favorite are black one's - classic and rebellious, though. They suit everybody, and they look amazing with every outfit. I mean, see the collage above - what could be more different than those two looks? And every look above is perfect!

2. They add a badass touch to every outfit.

As Docs are pretty heavy, they remind us of the good old Grunge and Punk times. And wearing something grunge or punk is badass and amazing.

3. They can be worn to everything.

And with everything, I mean everything. See point Nr. 1. Shoes to go with a Tulle dress? Docs! Shoes to go with your black lipstick? Docs! Shoes to go with your school uniform? Docs! Shoes to go with your favourite worn-out Top? Docs! Shoes to go with your customized Jeans Jacket? Docs! 

4. They will always be "in". 

Since the Label established aroud 1945, they are having huge success. Like you can see above, Docs are amazing. And too amazing to ever be out, or even in, they are just perfect no matter which decade.

5. They are Doc Martens.

Yep. I have been searching for similar boots a long time, but it's hopeless. There are no Doc Martens fake boots which look as awesome as the Original. I promise.

Can I hear some clapping hands, please? Yay for Docs! 

Do you own a pair (oh, why am I even asking.)? I think a pair of Docs belong to every amazing closet. I really hope I will get a pair for Christmas!




  1. omg i've wanted them since FOREVER not even kidding you, and i thought i was the only one that hasn't owned a pair yet! they're too expensive :-( i'd wear them every single day if i can ever get my hands on them. they're like the perfect shoes!!

  2. There are heaps of Dr Marten look-a-like boots from China on eBay and some good second hand pairs on Etsy :)
    Good luck on your quest <3

  3. Don't worry! I don't own a pair either. Even though I like the style, they always make my feet look too clunky. D:

  4. This is so trippy... I love how over-the-top this image is!

  5. I'm asking for Doc Martens for Christmas too. I went to the store in Chicago and it was basically heaven.
    Hope you get a pair!

  6. I LOVE doc martens <3 Found you thru rookie mag :-)

  7. i have a love affair with docs too! i NEED one of those mary jane ones! so cute!

  8. AHHHH true true true true true!!! I got two pairs of Docs for my birthday! A classic style in maroon, and then black mary jane ones! UGH I love them!! It's taking me a while to break in the maroon ones, but the mary janes are perfect! Once I break in the maroon ones I'll probably be wearing them with everything!! I hope you get a pair, they seriously make life better! and i saw your comment on my blog about going to the center of the earth together, and YES YES YES! email me at so we can discuss further!!

    xx eva

    i am in love with dr. martens but theyre so painfuuul!

  10. Your collages are awesome, need to do one! I totally agree with you, I LOVE my Docs! But seriously, they rub on the heel (PAINFUL) so be prepared!
    Good luckk :)