Nov 9, 2012

Madness is the emergency exit

Hey lovelies! First of all, thank you so much dear new (and old) followers! You are the best crew I could wish for.
I've got a DIY for you today! Well, it's not even really DIY because it's so much self-explanatory. But let's pretend I am a super professional blogger and you guys do not know how to use a hot glue gun, so I will write a tutorial. (:

 DIY Glitter/junk/whatever hairclips

1. Supplies: You will need a hot glue gun, some hairclips, and jewels and junk. If you have a box where you keep all your junk and child-y stuff in, that would be just perfect.
2. Glue tha shit on.
3. Yeah you are actually done now, but here's some inspiration how you could decorate your hairclips. I love the second one in the picture, and the pompom one.
 Yay you're finished! That was difficult. cough.

Some daily life stuff: I went to a huge dollar store yesterday and when I walked in, it felt like walking right into a treasure box. So many great junk and aah. I love dollar stores - so many awesome junk to craft with and everything is so cheap (which is basically the sense of a dollar store.). I bought pompoms, jewels, some bracelet stuff and - get this - 250 stickers. I already made a little collage. And today will be amazing because I will go to a party later and tomorrow my Hippie friends and I will have a sleepover! We will have so much fun, and we will be super creative, and we will bejewel our tights. Eep, I am so exited! In other news, I went to the cinema with my Dad yesterday. We saw "Skyfall" (Yay for Bond, James Bond!) and it was one of the most exiting and best movies I have ever seen. 

And I made a nice Spock drawing, I think it turned out quite cool. I am currently totally crazy on working on my journal, I am drawing everything in there. Here are a few pictures.

I hope you are having an amazing day,




  1. This is so cute!!! :D definitely making this.

  2. This is such a sweet DIY :) xx

  3. Hi,
    I just found your blog. It's amazing. Your mad, in the best way!
    I have a German friend and you guys are so alike.

    Esther x