Nov 21, 2012

See the moon above the stars

Hey guys. I am feeling kinda uninspired the past few days, soo...
I am wearing this outfit over and over. It's just so cozy and features all my favourite pieces! Sorry, I should pretend I am super proffessional but I don't have a thousands of clothes, but I love the pieces I own. All of these garments have been mentioned on my blog already, so let's just see it as a round-up. Those Wedges are from Primark, my trousers are Zara (These two pieces are actually the only ones I am owning from those Mainstream shops - I think I don't own anything besides a black top from H&M, and I am proud of that, duh.) The shirt's DIYed and the collar thrifted. I don't wear any jewelery because I am way too lazy for accessoires. You know what's missing there? The Army Jacket.

 Know what's still missing? The best shoes on earth, Doc Martens.

Eek? My face? And my oh-so-sexy pose? Huh. Really not nice. I look like Alan Harpour!
I often imagine outfits, or things which would match my look perfectly. As I am not super rich, I mean, I am spending way too much money for clothing anyways, I often can't afford my dream garments. Sigh. Thus, I am only imagining my style...
Hey, wait, it's Christmas time soon! My wishlist is getting bigger and bigger...
What's on your wishlist? Would you be interested in seeing mine?

Some daily life: We had no school today! I was chilling' at home and relaxing in my bed. Then I went to the city to meet some friends, we drank hot chocolate and it was fun and really nice. Yep.
And, dunno if you noticed, 56 MEMBERS! Thank you so much! (Ah, and if you are reading my blog and you aren't a follower... go follow! (: )




  1. YES. The last photo where you added the camo jacket and Docs. God, Docs always make an outfit perfect. The outfit would be rad if you wore other shoes too, but Docs will always have my heart!

  2. Loving your blog.... Fun and interesting.


  3. Okay, I want those pants. Love this.

    <3 Melissa

  4. I love your styling and your blog is amazing!

    new follower =)

  5. I love this outfit. The t-shirt and collar looks great together. I'm soooooo excited for Christmas. Agggh. My wishlist is always growing but my online one is here: I luuuurrrrve your blog. I think I've been following you for quite a long time but have been looking through recent posts from blogs I follow and your t-shirt and collar attracted me to your blog <3

  6. hello there, loving your blog! just stumbled across it but i'm really enjoying reading it, and you have a pretty cool style too :) I just wish I had looked half as cool as you when I was 14... which was 14 years ago! take care and stay awesome xx