Nov 18, 2012

Lovers looking for the first little stars

 Hey. So, I am really sorry for this lack of posting lately, I hope I will finde more time for blogging soon. Well, this is a collar I made today. I wanted to create a piece for feminism, and what could be better than using a rookie tutorial and pompoms for that? (Okay, Pompoms have actually nothing to do with feminism, but hey, Pompoms! ). I am not sure how to pair it yet (code for: I am too lazy to leave the couch and have a look into my closet), but collars can be worn with everything!
How are you? How did you spend your weekend? I had planned an almost perfect weekend, but then something went wrong. It was amazing, though! I had a sleepover with my best buddy, and we created our perfect future... So we will buy an Island, hopefully soon, and we will have many unicorns and fairies and glittered rooms. I am actually dreaming about our island all the time... I will never stop believing that there are still some unicorns left on this planet (don't laugh.)! Am I the only one to dream of unicorns?
Okay, I am getting way to dreamy. I have to do some homework now (sucks.). So, my also-in-unicorns-believing-friends, live long and prosper!



Ah Bitchface. "Don't you realize that I am not listening to your boring stuff at all?!"
I actually didn't meant to bitchface in this picture... but I did.


  1. Oh my goodness, your collar is so cute!

  2. Cute collar indeed!

    I spent the weekend frolicking in my apartment (it was too cold to go outside) wearing the flower crown you made me!

  3. I love your lipstick! And the collar is amazing.

  4. you are rocking to black lipstick, i love it. You are fantastic as always <3

  5. AH , I love everything about this.

    I will subscribe! If you would like, you are very much welcome to subscribe to my blog!


  6. everything here is perfect! I waaaaaaaannnnttttt your collar and lipstick and life~!!!!!!!!!
    i think i will collapse from all the awesomeness!!!!

  7. oh wow, how cute is your collar and the lipsss!!!!!
    Blown away*

    ★Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog★

  8. What? You're 14?? YOU ARE SO RAD. Feminism rules, doesn't it? I have a few detachable collars, but now I want to add a little feminist pin on the center front like you have. SO GOOD.

  9. You look sooooooo pretty in the last picture. I'm getting a unicorn pillow pet for Christmas :) I saw them and ran towards the stall and everyone was just looking at me weirdly because everyone else looking at them was like 5 or 6 then I'm just the random 15 year old begging my grandma to get my a toy unicorn for Christmas :/ spending a Sunday doing a rookie tutorial sounds so fun. Can't wait for this weekend x

  10. i love your collar and black lipstick! aaahhh!!

  11. Remember the open house last school year? Face painting? Wasn't it you who put black lipstick on me? I love your blog, thanks for sending me the link! From far away...

  12. The feminist pin is super cute.. what did you make it from??