Sep 19, 2012

Adventures in layering

Yesterday's outfit. Layering YAY! This is my first week of school, and I'm already sick of it. Well. I am wearing a H&M jumper, a thrifted blouse, a primark dress, my loved chelsea boots and DIYed frilly lace socks. 
This is one of these days where I've got simply nothing to tell. So...
I am sorry for leaving you alone for the past few days. I did a little photoshoot with my best friend yesterday, you will see the pictures soon. Yeah...

Love you,



  1. I AM SO SICK OF SCHOOL TOO. Already i'm really suffering from getting 3 hours sleep a night and not being able to eat all the time and life is so frikkin hard. Am i being ironic? Hard to tell, kid of dying of exhaustion. Love your outfit!

  2. I know your feeling about school. We're going to have a test week soon and I'm already getting fed up with it..

    Your outfit is so pretty! Love the way you use colors :)