Sep 1, 2012


Um, yeah, I've got a confession to make. Yesterday was the first time for me to ever see the leggins Modcloth offers. And I was like, MAN, this is perfect, I cannot tell...
I really love printed leggins, that's such a refreshing trend. I love prints anyways. I own a beautiful flower leggins for about half a year, too, but these three beauties should fill the "awesome pieces which I will wear everyday and everynight" hole in my closet, don't ya think? Especially the map print leggins, 'cause I love love love anything map. Old globes, map prints, map print medals, clothes... pure awesomeness! The keeppalmandcarryonleggins is amazing, it reminds me of summer and greece and versace. So does the watermelon printed leggins, I'll get hungry when I only see this! If I would see anyone wearing this leggins, I would have to hold back myself for not eating her  legs 'cause that would be cannibalism and that's not good. Don't judge me for having creepy, creepy thoughts. Well, anyways, I really like those leggins and wish I would own one.  That's why they are on my wishlist, duh. (Well, this turns into a creepy post so I'll stop writing now.)

Hope you had a wonderful day,


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  1. i lovveee your blog we should be friends ahaha :) you need to get the "follow with google friend connect" gadget!