Sep 16, 2012

DIY frilly lace socks

For today's outfit, I needed my frilly lace socks. I was used to own a pair of frilly socks, but somehow I lost them. I just couldn't find them. What I found was a pair of elastic lace tights. I rarely wear them, so I decided to turn them into lace socks. As they are elastic, there's a cute edge now. Maybe there are some people with some lace tights left to DIY.
I love frilly lace socks! They are so cute but still casual. I especially love the way they look with Ked's or Saddle shoes! How do you like them?

Supplies: elastic lace tights, scissors and a sewing machine.
1. Draw a line where you want your socks to end.
2. Cut them off.
3. Hem the upper edge. Make sure to leave space between the upper edge and the actual seam to make them frilly.
4. You are done! I hope you like your lace socks!

I hope you like this DIY.




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  2. These are so cute! I love your diy saddle shoes, too. :)

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