Sep 23, 2012

Childhood love

These are, as promised, the pictures from a shoot with my best friend a few days ago. It was really fun. We know each other since we were together in the kindergarten and even earlier. So she's my childhood love, basically :)) She's always there for me when I need her, and I will always be there when she's in need. She knows EVERYTHING about me and I will love her forever. She has the best advice ever and she helped me in so many weird and sad moments. I think it's a gift to have a friend like her.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ( better than mine, which was full of food and complaining about teenagers nowadays...)



  1. beautiful photos:) I love the third last one.
    best friends are the best!

    also, my zine is coming along quite nicely, sorry for taking ages, it will be finished soon:)


  2. Tree climbing is so much fun, should do that again... I like the photos you took of the sunset :-)
    Emily ooo

  3. Hey, cutieeeee<3 :))
    weißt schon wer hier schreibt oder?

    du bist soo süß, &übrigens mehr als nur kindergartenfreunde.
    auch wenn's manchmal ein wenig aufgedreht ist, ich finds extrem.
    monster o.O :D

    ichLiebeDich, süße<3 ;***