Sep 15, 2012

You make loving fun

Exiting news! Well...
I made my first zine ever. It was so much fun designing the pages! I spent the whole day with my radio on making the zine, and I think it turned out quite cool. I love writing and drawing random stuff, so zine-making is basically perfect. I wonder why I never did this before. I've got so many obsessions and ideas to fill pages. My first zine is about Tavi Gevinson. She's my idol and the most awesome person I could ever think of. She is so inspiring. Together with her awesome online magazine, she helped me through hard times and made me more self-confident. Tavi rules.

I don't have to explain anything, I guess. You can read the pages. ( Sorry for the second and third image, I don't know why they are the wrong way round.) How do like my zine?




  1. This is so beautiful. I love making little zines and working on all the details, stickers, flowers, little drawings and so on. It's so fun to just create a little world. Of course it';s been said a billion times but Tavi is awesome. You should email her these pictures!

  2. This is the cutest zine ever!! You should definitely show it to Tavi! ^.^

  3. This is just wonderful!
    Love your blog. Will be reading!

    I am having troubles with finding follow button but be sure I will leave you comments
    If you want visit me :D

  4. hello.

    I would actually buy your zine. I woudl i woudl i would. do you have etsy????? you should put it on, because I love tavi and I would would would would buy it.

    or we could trade, because I am making a zine at the moment.

    if it's for sale that is.

  5. I love Tavi Gevinson. Cool zine. I'm making a zine for a moment but I think I need to dedicate a whole day to it because it's something I keep procrastinated about :L I'm in love with your blog and congrats I'm your 10th GFC follower :) keep blogging x

  6. Your posts are so compelling! Love these little crafty bits.

    Amanda Rose