Sep 30, 2012

DIY Customized Jacket

Hey lovelies! First, welcome, my new followers! Thank you a bunch.
So, I went shopping today! I went to a fleamarket with two friends which are super cool and awesome, and I found absolutely amazing stuff. My favorite piece is is this jeans jacket, which I got from a super trouper fun old lady (She also selled white platform heels which were totally amazing.). It costed me about three bucks and fits almost perfectly! I've been dreaming of a customized jeans jacket for such a long time and today I found awesome buttons and fake flowers and stuff. This is my new favorite piece in my closet, I guess. (Well, everytime I get something new it's my favorite piece. cough.) It's so fall-ish: It's perfect for I-don't-give-a-shit-I-hate-this-cold-weather-days, you just need to throw it on and your done with today's styling. I think everyone should have a few pieces like this in his or her closet! I am really proud of how it came out. It looks pretty cool and rookie-esque, don't you think? So, lovelies, go to a fleamarket, go thrifting, and search etsy until you found a vintage jeans jacket! It's worth it. And it was so much fun decorating and customizing it. Enough of talking now, enjoy this DIY!

1. Supplies needed:  An old/vintage  jeans jacket, junk (meaning fake flowers, glitter, buttons & badges, studs, goggly eyes, patches, and random stuff.), scissors, needle and thread, a hot glue gun.
2. That's the fun part! Decorate and customize your jacket. You can glue goggly eyes on the buttons, sew fake flowers on, pin badges on, sew patches on, do whatever you want with your jacket! You can also paint it. This article shows you awesome ways to customize you jacket! Try to make the jacket be exactly you, meaning it should show your obsessions, passions, your style, and everything you like and who you are and want to be!

The nice thing is, you are actually never really done with your jacket. You can always add something!

Hope you liked this DIY! Let me know if you tried it and please send me a picture if you did. I would love to see your results.



PS: Sorry for not posting the past few days. I felt pretty uninspired...


  1. OMGODDDDDD this is so awesome!! I went to the thrift store yesterday and all the denim jackets were like 15 dollars :( but I got a cool dress so I'm happy :)


  2. I love all the accessories. The letterman patch is the best I've been looking for a huge one to put on a fuzzy sweater thing I bought!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I love your new jean jacket. Where did you get the custom patches? Letterman jackets are all the rage nowadays.

  5. I like this design jacket, the G tag & rivets looks amazing on this denim jacket.
    Custom made jeans