Sep 13, 2012

Blue suede shoes

Thrifting ALERT!  I went trough a bunch of clothes from my best friend which she was going to throw
in the garbage and I was like "NO!" and found some awesome pieces which you can see above. I also found a few other awesome garments which I have to DIY before I show them.  I will also stud the shoulders of the denim tee.

More exiting news (well, not.) : Today was my first day of school. I am in tenth grade now (wow that sounds quite cool) and I am totally okay with school at the moment. People are nice, teachers are nice, life's nice. I will make a typical outfit post about the first day.. or week soon. I planned my outfit for weeks and I was SO looking forward to wear it 'cause it was so cool. However, it was way too cold to wear it today! I was pretty pissed of. Whatever... it was still pretty nice today.

Hope you had a wonderful day,


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  1. nice clothes! i especially like the white lace top - so pretty <3