Sep 4, 2012

Obsession: Studs

This isn't a normal obsession. It is like Star Trek. I am completely freaking out when I see something studded (or Star Trek). Today we went shopping (YAY!) and I went into a ZARA store, and, like, every second garment was studded. Well, I freaked out.
I know, this has been written before, and everyone who's interested in fashion knows that the grunge vibe is starring in the fashion play this fall. As much as I'm against mainstream fashion, this is a trend I love. love love love. Does anyone knows where to buy studs? I am dreaming of so many studded garments lately. Like, a studded leather jacket. Or a studded collar of a button-up. And I visited every store here hoping I will find simply studs and I wasn't successful at all. How depressing.
Anyways, I'll give you five reasons why studs are awesome. (As mentioned earlier, does anyone knows where to buy studs? )
I love them because...

1.  The grunge-y Nirvana vibe.

2. The rebellion touch of studs.

3. How versatile they are: They can look elegant as well as punk-y.

4. How easy studs can turn an old tee or jacket into something awesome.

5. They are so easy to DIY.

2.Sheinside (favourite)
3. Etsy

1. Etsy
2. Zara (favourite)
3. Sheinside (favourite)
4. F21
5. Sheinside

1. Zara
2. Zara
3. Etsy

(Studded outerwear is my favourite!)
( Zara stores also feature wonderful studded pants)

Hope you like this post!

Love you, 


PS: CONGRATS for myself. This is my fiftieth post! How do you liked my blogging work so far?


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  2. Also - I know what you mean about the star trek thing, I went to the auction and saw three star trek figurines. Totally had to tear myself away before I bought them (with no where to put them)!