Sep 6, 2012


These are pictures I took when my best friend stayed at my place for four days. We crafted some random crowns and went outside to took pictures of them. Well, and of us. We made a playa crown together, how do you like it? My friend is wearing a flower crown which I made about three months ago. She is so pretty! You will see many, many pictures of us in the next weeks, months and hopefully years of blogging. She is my soulmate, we can do everything together and be totally random and we think of the same stuff and we laugh together a lot. If you read this, Hugs and kisses to you, my sweet racoon (that means "Waschbär", cutie.) !

Have a wonderful day,


PS: This, my ladies and gentlemen, is the last photoshoot with pictures taken with my cell, BECAUSE I will buy a reflex camera. Hopefully tomorrow. I will name it Oskar!


  1. These are so cool, your crowns are beautiful:) thankyou so much for you awesome comment on my blog:) we can definitely be friends and do glittery, rookie stuff all day long!!

    Yay! Have fun with Oskar;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Your friend is so stunning and the flower crowns are really inventive and awesome. And I really need to get into star trek, but I love tea and hot choclate way too much!

  3. Whoa! Old game pieces is such a great idea for a crown!

  4. Your crowns are great! I've been meaning to make my own Rookie crowns for a while now. Where did you get those flowers? All I have found before look very ugly and fake.

    1. I found them in the decoration apartment. I guess dollar stores offer fake flowers... The rose in the middle is from a broken headband!
      Making rookie crowns is awesome,it's really fun. Please please please let me know when you made some! I would love to see them! :))