Dec 2, 2012

Because they taste american

Hello. These are the songs I am into now, I am listening to this stuff all day long! The tragically Hip is one of my favorite bands. I discovered them last summer when we spent our holidays in Canada (which was incredibly beautiful) and the first thing I did, being back in Germany, was buying their album on iTunes. I have been listening to their songs for over a year now, and although after hearing a song to often, you are getting bored or annoyed of it, I still love each and every song.
David Bowie is actually the best man ever. He is inspiring and amazing.
Well. How was your weekend?




  1. Awesome! David bowie is supernatural!

  2. I would like to thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for writing that flaming lips song on the playlist you sent me. You are the reason I am currently completely infatuated with them at the moment.
    ps: super duper excited to get your mail:):):):)

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