Dec 12, 2012

And he's on the way to the real first in all the universe and he saves the day and the world knows. Now watch his head explode.

The song which lyrics I used for today's post is named "Guy who got a headache and accidentally saves the world". Get this. Flaming lips are the best, seriously. I am listening to their songs all day long. I am using their lyrics for almost every post lately, only sometimes Bowie or Led Zeppelin lyrics. 
Well, so. Let me tell you something about this outfit. It's really Rookie, in my opinion. I was inspired by the Queen of the neighborhood shoot, ya' know. This skirt is incredibly old, it's from my childhood. Those gorgeous leggins are from the pieces store, I love them. I am also wearing a thrifted Tee, a DIYed jacket ( which is the best garment I own!) and a DIYed collar. Sorry for this bedroom pic, I mean, this outfit would deserve more than just this picture, but a  nice shoot in the forest. It's unbelievably cold, though, so this won't be possible in the next few months. Such a shame! I love forest shoots! 
Um, ya, my life's kinda boring recently, so I don't have much to tell. I will go to a christmas market on Saturday with my best buddy, I am really looking forward to that! And I am planning a great Christmas tutorial for you. 
Also, I decided a few days ago to dye my hair peach! I only have to buy the dye color. I think it will look amazing! I love peach hair! And I ordered Marlena's vein tights on Oasap, I hope they will arrive on friday! They are the best tights ever. Anyways, I hope you are all okay!




  1. Meep love your denim jacket. such a cute outfit!!

  2. Vein tights so jelous. Can't wait to see the peach hair!

  3. super rookie! love it :)
    peach hair is superb! i think im going to henna my hair auburn/deep red! super excitteeed!


  4. Hi,
    Let us make snow- shoots on the slackline ;-))
    Live couldn't be boring ... there are always possibilities


  5. wow- wonderful look. i'M so in love with your tights <3
    kisses to you
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  6. a christmas market!!! you are so lucky, why don't these exist in australia?!?!?
    i sent your parcel for christmas yesterday, the lady at the post office was a bit grumpy and i have this fear it will never reach germany, but I hope it gets there in time for christmas.

    i love love love your skirt, it is so cool and everyone seems to have them from when they were younger and I don't and its really annoying!!!
    peach hair will be the coolest thing ever and will increase your awesome level so it it towering into space. your outfit is super duper excellent.

    i am so into the flaming lips at the moment, they are so good. I have also been listening to stairway to heaven a lot, it is a good song but scares me a bit.

    the end,

  7. Just found your blog it is SO aweomesauce! Seriously love all your outfits! The one with the spaceship tee and tutu is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

  8. ohhhh so much perfection! You always get your proportions and colours so right <3

  9. Absolutely love your pompom collar!