Dec 5, 2012

Trend spotting (and Obsession): Peacock feather prints

Hey, today I discovered a new trend (well, at least I didn't recognized it earlier.). It's peacock feather print, whether on shirts, dresses or even pants - it's amazing!
Peacocks have always seemed magical to me - although I have never seen a peacock spreading its tail. Anyways, they are totally beautiful and so graceful! Walking around, every step taken with care, head up like little princesses. With their shining, glittering feathers and the crown on their head, they have always fascinated me. So what could be better than one obsession plus another, like: Peacocks + Fashion!
I think the colors of peacock feathers are the "minus", in my opinion. Green or blue have never been my colors, I am just a typical girlie sometimes. But the design and feeling of them is just great! They seem so magical!

Dress - Romwe
Shoes - Asos
Bracelet/Ring - Topshop
Brooch - Etsy

Incredibly amazing leggins - Etsy (only 16 $!)
Platform boots - Topshop
Top - Topshop

So, I mean, how amazing are those leggins?! Aren't they adorable? So, I just decided to make a peacock brooch tonight. How do you like this trend? Do you own some pieces?
Daily life has got better now, since yesterday. Lovely Maddie talked about me on her blog, as I have sent her a flower crown I made. She was so incredibly nice!

Hope you are all okay,


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