Dec 26, 2012

And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last. When all is one and one is all to be a rock and not to roll.

Heyho. Merry Christmas again to everyone! Hope you are having some great days!
These are pictures from a little, totally professional shooting with my best friend yesterday. We went to a super secret place (not), stood in front of our closets for hours (not), and, of course, had our hair and eyes styled professionally (not). In fact, we just were like "hey, let's make pictures and I'll bring some candles". It was quite cold, so candles were a pretty good thing. They were useless, though, as it was really windy, too. Um, besides that, it was really cool to take some pictures! I look like I am almost freezing to death on them, while trying to look like those people in the latest Vogue, which you see, works perfectly (not). I am not ashamed for this. Now it's late and I am starting to talk bullshit.
We went to the theater yesterday, it was amazing. I love the theater as it is magic and when I am grown-up, I want to work there. I also got some awesome and so cute presents yesterday! I may show them in a later post. At this point, all my new followers are also a wonderful present! Thank you so much, you are making me so happy! And because I had nothing to wear yesterday, I sewed a dress. It is still not completely finished, but it turned out quite cool! It's red and I need green and white socks to be one of Santa's elfs.
Well, today was full of inspiration, not only those journals, but also Flower's recent post, so I felt like building a shelf and decorating it. Because I am a mean faker, I also got one of our typewriters out (we own three ones, what the hell?!) and tried to type, but unfortunately, it was slightly broken. I also listened to Bowie songs for hours today as he is obviously the sexiest man ever and his voice just makes me feel like floating in outer space! It is starting to get embarrassing now, so bye and merry Christmas again!




  1. Super cute! Sounds like you guys had fun :)

  2. Some of these photos are great, IMO.
    I love the leather-like leg warmers things... you look cool. Happy holidays to you too!

  3. Such wonderful pictures (: Happy Holidays to you as well! *what camera do you use*

    1. I am using my Nikon D3100, it's called Oskar. (: Thank you!

    2. No problem (: I'm ecstatic that you replied :D eeeeeeeepppp!!!! *You're like a mini celebrity that I've wanted to say something to so thank you soooooo much for replying eeeeeepp!!* Ooh is that your reflex camera :O it does pretty well

  4. I love how wintery these all look~
    where I live winter just means 60° weather and no school ._.

  5. Hi Mary, thanks for leaving the sweetest comment on my blog! <3 :') You have beautiful eyes yourself!!!