Dec 16, 2012

They see the sun go down but they don't see it rise, this one bird didn't leave you, you can hear it as it flies.

Hey lovelies. How are you? I don't have a clue how to start this post... well. This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. Friday and Saturday was amazing! My best buddy has a guest sister staying at her place for about a week, and we went to a great Christmas market in Erfurt. She is totally beautiful and gorgeous, though we cannot really talk with each other as her English isn't that good. Anyways, the Christmas market was awesome! I made about 300 pictures with my refley camera.

Sura (the guest sister) and me. She's beautiful!

There were presents hung up in a tree! Sooo cute!

The Dome of Erfurt and the "Weihnachtsrad".

This is a huge attraction of Erfurt, a cute little bridge with even cuter stores calles "Krämerbrücke"!

You could buy food everywhere!


Whatever. today was awful. George was too weak to make it. I have been crying a lot today.
I also made Carla's ( she's my best blogger friend!) package today, though! I bought some stuff for her at the Christmas market and will send it tomorrow. Also, I tried to tidy up my room today, but I completely failed...Oops. Anyways, hope your weekend was great!



  1. Aw, Mary I'm sorry!! I'm sending you hugs and wishes!!

    xx Eva

  2. I want to go to a German Christmas market SO BAD, They look so lovely <3 Fröhlich Weihnachten!

  3. Wow looks so neat! I wish we had Christmas in winter here..

  4. Awh ich liiiiieeebbbee Weinachtsmärkte <3

    One of the things I currently miss most from Germany :(


  5. Yay! Germany looks amazing! It's so beautiful, the opd buildings!!!! Arrrrgghhhh I want to go there!!

    Thanks so much, you are my best blogger friend too!!!!!! I am so excited to receive your mail. I am not sure it will come for Christmas but it will be super super exciting all the same:):):)