Dec 10, 2012

We got a gorilla and we shaved him And bought him a motorcycle

So, today, we proudly present... THA BEST THING EVER, CHILDHOOD JEWELRY! It fits into every style. No matter if you are wearing something grunge, or your style's totally kawaii, whether you are wearing Meadham Kirchhoff or just Jeans, your jewelry from your childhood will make your outfit galactic. I recommend having a box of random jewelry (oh man how creative and intelligent.). And every morning, when you are thinking "Hey, something's missing in my outfit" you just throw on some childhood stuff. Ta-da! All my favorite bloggers love to wear childish stuff! Emily from Strong Punch wrote an "ode to hairclips" and this weird yellow dinosaur thing at the bottom of the collage ( of which I am kinda proud!) is a necklace of Carla from Redpunzel. See, childhood jewelry is amazing!
I own a little box made of red velvet, where I keep my jewelry (not that I'd use it. All my jewelry is laying somewhere in my room.) (which could be the reason that I almost never got around wearing it.) (I should clean up my room.) (okay done now.) and every now and then, I find something truly perfect in it. I mean, I didn't even knew I own a beautiful strawberry necklace! It's like a treasure box, full of memories and stylish stuff, which is, obviously, awesome. 
But what if you were a little girl which would rather play in the dirt than dressing up? Where can you get this stuff? Everywhere, darling. Steal it from your cute little cousin, or make him/her love you so he/she will either give you one or make you a beautiful necklace. Go to the dollar store, throw some stuff together, and ta-da, a beautiful bracelet. Order some hair clips in the internet, or maybe just find some of them at the drugstore. Or, Diy it! Take some hair clips and glue the shit on ( I am dreaming of a walrus hair clip!). There's nothing easier than getting childhood jewelry, it's like eating candy, you will feel happy afterwards. 
Well, my lovely readers, stand up now and search for childish jewelry! Now! No, I don't care if you are laying in bed, and no, I don't care if you are chilling at the pool (kidding.). What I want you to know is that childhood jewelry is wonderful and great. And most of all, magical.




  1. Hi, great post. I think I will search my room for some of my old jewellery some time this week. Like you, I have jewellery boxes but usually end up not using them. This might seem somewhat out of the blue but I just thought I'd tell you because if someone else was like this about my blog then I'd want to know. I love your blog so, so much. Lately I've been checking it pretty much daily to see if you have any new posts and otherwise I scroll through your first posts. I just made a cup of chai tea and ran up the stairs (whilst trying not to spill boiling tea on me) to come and read your blog. I was so excited when I saw you had a new post :) I hope this doesn't sound weird and stalker-ish but I just thought I'd let you know that I think your blog is awesome because it would be sad if you went your whole life not knowing that when you started your blog there was a fifteen year old girl from the UK who ran upstairs every evening to read it <3 OK, I feel like I'm verging onto the stalker spectrum now so I'll stop ;) x

  2. sweetie you are so cute, I find you adorable! x

  3. Oh my golly gosh!!!!!!! Its Shirley!!! My darling yellow dinosaur!!!! Your collage is mega awesome and I am so honored you included Shirley. I especially love the hole love hearts as the I love Jesus. I completely agree that childhood jewellery is amazing. I always have some bracelets that are so unbelievably tacky that I wear pretty much all the time. I saw some great stuff at my local milkbar, like a eyeball necklace type thing and this pale blue cruxafix thingy.

    Awesome post. I an really sorry for being all lazy with commenting, I really need to improve that:) I'll send your mail tomorrow:):):):)

  4. Hi,
    i remember that when we go to the doctor, i get always a little rubber animal, because i was so brave and stalwart ;-)
    And i saved this animals for a long time. In school there get a place in my pencil box.
    What wunderfull thoughts.
    Who gives me now any rubberanimals for my daily braveness???

  5. i love your collages! they're so cluttered - in a good way - and so much is going on in one picture that i always find myself staring for minutes hahah