Dec 20, 2012

Screaming till our lungs are full, kicking down the teeth. We're not what we used to be. We're just paranoid!

Hey darlings! It is totally obvious, but here's a little post about it (not so little, hopefully.)! This post is about the best thing on earth: Spooky, scary, girly stuff! Oh shit I am just realizing this is a halloween post and it is christmas soon. In style questions, Halloween is never over! It is just the most stylish holiday. Here's my toplist of the most amazing creepy stuff:

Ouija boards.
Totally creepy and amazing. Look at this picture above, could it be better? It's just magical and great. Though I have never did that, I am sure it is galactic.
I mean, who doesn't love skulls. Candy skulls, kitten skulls, pure skulls. Just great! They have something which is creeping me out, but is also incredibly attracting.
Eyeballs. Boom. There is nothing more creepy. They are watching you...
Being super cute and fluffy, they contrast completely awesome with skulls, or eyeballs, or skeletons. Both together, they create a super super spooky vibe. Black kittens are also the pet of every fairytale witch!

Hmmm, slime! Slime's great. Red slime, pink slime, black slime, slime out of everything. Slime the world (first of all your closet, then the rest).

Ta-da! I am proud of myself, actually, as I wrote each and every perfect thing down here (well, a lot is missing, but not bad, huh?). I don't feel like writing very much here, so I'll just show you an outfit which I put together for this topic.

Bloody tights - Romwe
Cat skirt - Romwe
Velvet skirt - Romwe
Ozzy Osbourne - Romwe
Lace blouse - Romwe (who would have thought it?!)

Lace skirt - Asos
Shoes - Asos
Cross tights - Oasap
Slime tee - Topshop
(gorgeous) jacket - Romwe

I love all my followers and everyone who looks at my blog!

Love, Mary

PS: You have to think I am incredibly uncreative, to just post something this obvious, but I am actually planning a really cool post tomorrow! Hope I will find the time.


  1. So cool! Uh romwe has so much cool stuff its such a shame its so expensive ):

  2. I think it would be better for u coming to Tokyo ,especially Harajuku!there're a lot of cloth which you must like!!

  3. cats and velvet! I love it all.
    (also I think those borders you made in the last picture are really cute)

  4. Cool inspiration! Halloween is my favorite holiday as well. I just bought a "fruitbat ornement" that I'm gonna use as a necklace:
    ADORABLE ISN'T IT? Halloween has all the best things: bats, witches, cool fabrics and patterns and colors, etc.

  5. I love that slime top and the tights with the blood! Yes some people I know did a ouija board in the girls toilets at school!

  6. Wow your style is amazing! I really love the cat skirt and the cross tights :)

    xx Lillian