Jul 14, 2013

I just don't want them to say, it's a beautiful day, let's just not talk about the gloom, let's all go die in my living-room. I want to be a movie-star and play the part of a man from outer-space.

Hello guys. 
I have been thinking a lot, lately. About feminist issues, myself, how to deal with teenage hormones. And, come to it, this blog. I don't have that much fun I used to have with this whole blogging-thing. I have no time to blog regularly, and although this blog is constantly growing, I feel kinda insecure. Don't get me wrong - it's not like I care about what people here think of my style. I feel like my blog is nothing special - there are so many blogs so much better than mine and I feel like my blog is just me trying to be cool. But it feels narcisstic and pretty much like I have to do it. I really want to change something about this blog. Maybe the layout, I have also been thinking about a new name. Do you guys have any wishes? Something you would like to see here more often? Do you want playlists, or more fashion, or less daily-life-blahblah? I would really appreciate some nice, helpful comments.
Okay! Well, fashun talk. I made this vest on Saturday and I really like how it turned out! I think it will change constantly, although - I'll get new badges, patches or fake flowers and everything will find a place. I had a giant badge-making session on Friday, you can see some of them above. I love making badges, as it is really easy and they look pretty amazing, in my opinion. This vest is similar to my customized jeans jacket - it's full of badges and stuff, and it really tells who I am and what I like - which is why I feel kinda great wearing it. I'm planning to buy some patches from etsy. But if anyone of you makes patches and wants a few badges in return, we could do a swap which would be really awesome! Well, I am also wearing my vein tights and my thrifted Space shirt, which is a cozy and weird and kinda nice combination which I wear really often (too often, actually). The crown is DIYed and the shoes from a fleamarket. 

A ghost, a cupcake, Leonardo diCaprio in "Romeo and Juliet" which is THE BEST MOVIE EVER I AM SERIOUS, and Frida Kahlo.

Tim Curry in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" which is really awesome and stuff.

I hope you are all fine. <3



Jul 7, 2013

Look up and see the sky above you, it's nothing but a pool of deep blue so don't just stand there, jump in! Look up and see the birds above you, don't you wanna be high like them too?

Hey cutiepies. My weekend was kinda perfect. I spent the whole time with my boyfriend, we saw the Musical "Sweeney Todd" which was, like, fucking awesome. We had such a great time together.
Well, this outfit is kinda what I've been wearing nonstop for the past few days. The jumpsuit which I got from a fleamarket is really cozy and I love the way it looks like. The tee was a gift, the buttons are homemade, as is the crown. I have also found my old pair of converse sneakers recently - I totally forgot about these. They are actually from a vacation in Canada two years ago (I want to go back to Vancouver one day so badly), and still fit perfectly and are very comfortable. 
And a zine update: I still need many more submissions. The theme is "being sassy", so send me any associations, poetry, texts, rants, collages, pictures, doodles, stories, whatever you have! And please comment here:
1. Who is the sassiest person you know? can be fictional.
2. What was the sassiest thing you have ever done?
Thank you.
In other news: I have a tumblr. It would be great if you'd check it out: unicornlyawesome.tumblr.com

Hope you had a great weekend!



 You may call me the master of cat eyes.
These are some of the bracelets I mentioned in my last post.

Jul 1, 2013

My mind is causing swirlies in my eyes, Lucy danced with me to my surprise, are you awake or is this a lucid dream? I dont know but i'll take this chance.

Hello people with internet access who are reading this (if you do, congrats). Life is weird and kinda amazing. I feel like my brain is melting because of hormones and the sun. It's like too much around me, everything seems blurred and confusing and teenage-esque, but quite cool. Somehow it all seems like tie-dyed fabric, but you know that weird feeling that overcomes you after staring at these swirls too long? That's how I feel all day long. 
Anyways! I HAVE BEEN TO PROM. It was so wonderful and sweet and perfect (besides the fact that I may be the worst dancer ever). I wore a cream-colored dress and had curly hair and my boyfriend was being the cutest, so it was totally great. 
I have been on a fleamarket on Sunday and I bought a giant vest which I'll customize, and two little unicorns. I'll glue them to a flower crown with lots of glitter and then I'll have a really sparkly time. Furthermore, I made some bracelets today, with those cool letter beads, saying stuff like "Riot Girl", "Feminist" and "Weirdo". AIN'T I CREATIVE.
Well, I'm wearing a gifted blouse. It looks really 70ies and has funny sleeves, and a amazing print (see below). Shorts and Crown are both DIYed, shoes are thrifted and the fishnet socks which seem to appear in every post are from Spain, you probably know already. I kinda like these hippie vibes. 
There's nothing else to say besides May your day be sparkly.



PS: I promise I will blog more often soon. xx