Dec 30, 2012

Then the loud sound did seem to fade, came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase, that werent no DJ, that was hazy cosmic jive!

Hey darlings! Sorry for this lack of posting lately, I hope I can change this soon. I had some lovely and exiting days with my family. 
This outfit is one of my favorite looks ever, seriously! I bought this leggins at "Only" two days ago and I am in love with them. I have been searching for similar ones for a very long time, and I am so happy to finally own them!  They are really comfy and beautiful. Well, you kinda have to know my tee. I am wearing it way to often, but I really love it! It is totally comfy as well, it shows my love for Led Zeppelin and it's, by the way, really pretty.  Those shoes are not only dirty, but from asos, and the flower crown is DIYed. Now I feel lame about wearing the same things over and over... but I am planning a few more DIYs and looks, promised. 
Today was slightly depressing, though. I am currently waiting for three things to arrive in the mail! Carla's letter should already have arrived, as well as my vein tights from Oasap and a unknown long-lost Christmas present. I look into the mail everyday, and it's always full, but only with letters for my dad. 
By the way, thank you for all the cute comments on my journal! You guys are so sweet! And about my zine. Making it, I never really thought about selling it. But as there are many people asking for it, I will make some! Lately, I have been so busy and had no time to make a few copies. I will make a few ones soon, though. Unfortunately, I don't have an etsy or something, so it isn't possible to "sell" some, but here's the solution: If you want to have a zine, leave a comment below, with a way to contact you (eMail would be great), and I will write you. It would also be amazing when we could do a zine swap! Here are more details and all pages of my zine.. Don't be shy, just leave a comment! As it is glittered and stuff, I will not send you a pdf, but the "real" zine, okay? I am very exited about this! (At this point, Flower, I am so so so sorry to haven't send your zine yet, I feel really bad about this! I will send it with all those other zines, okay? I am sorry!). Again, it would be so amazing if we could swap zines! Oh, that's so exiting.



Dec 27, 2012

People stared at the makeup on his face laughed at his long black hair, his animal grace, and lady stardust sang his songs of darkness and disgrace.

Ground control to major reader, can you hear me?
This is a shrine/altar/weird stuff I made. It's basically just a collection of random stuff laying around in my room which needed a place, but I like to call it a shrine to teenagehood. Some details (you don't have to read this, I don't know if it is even interesting...): you can see a collection of all the zines I have got from amazing people, and mine, duh. This wonderful and awesome feminist fabric thing was a gift from Emily, who is totally amazing, and I wanted to sew it onto my beloved Jeans Jacket, but somehow, I did not find the time yet. Then there are some pictures we made in a photo booth, with my classmates and friends. I have always wanted to make pictures like these, although it was awful in the booth, because it was way too less space and we were five girls. Anyways, a jelly belly drawing I made and a candle and some shit. Well, there is also one of my old cameras! I have three, I guess, but I have never tried one, mainly because it's expensive. I also own the leather bags and I love them! Old cameras are the best. I also put my lovely dancing shoes there. I danced ballett for about six years and I loved it. I wish I had the time and the opportunity to take classes again. Aaaand my journal. I loved the Rookie journal gallery, but I was kinda disappointed that they didn't show mine. So I'll show those pictures here.

My addiction to Star Trek is getting unhealthy.

I am so sad they did not show them in their gallery. Man.

Anyways, I am currently at my grandma's place. She's the coolest grandma you could imagine. She gave me a great camera tripod! 
Oh, I have to make a very nice announcement. Jeffrey Campbell sells the most amazing shoes ever. Unfortunately, I don't have 200 bucks left to buy shoes. I am thinking about DIYing a pair soon, though!

Hope you are having a great day,


Dec 26, 2012

And if you listen very hard the tune will come to you at last. When all is one and one is all to be a rock and not to roll.

Heyho. Merry Christmas again to everyone! Hope you are having some great days!
These are pictures from a little, totally professional shooting with my best friend yesterday. We went to a super secret place (not), stood in front of our closets for hours (not), and, of course, had our hair and eyes styled professionally (not). In fact, we just were like "hey, let's make pictures and I'll bring some candles". It was quite cold, so candles were a pretty good thing. They were useless, though, as it was really windy, too. Um, besides that, it was really cool to take some pictures! I look like I am almost freezing to death on them, while trying to look like those people in the latest Vogue, which you see, works perfectly (not). I am not ashamed for this. Now it's late and I am starting to talk bullshit.
We went to the theater yesterday, it was amazing. I love the theater as it is magic and when I am grown-up, I want to work there. I also got some awesome and so cute presents yesterday! I may show them in a later post. At this point, all my new followers are also a wonderful present! Thank you so much, you are making me so happy! And because I had nothing to wear yesterday, I sewed a dress. It is still not completely finished, but it turned out quite cool! It's red and I need green and white socks to be one of Santa's elfs.
Well, today was full of inspiration, not only those journals, but also Flower's recent post, so I felt like building a shelf and decorating it. Because I am a mean faker, I also got one of our typewriters out (we own three ones, what the hell?!) and tried to type, but unfortunately, it was slightly broken. I also listened to Bowie songs for hours today as he is obviously the sexiest man ever and his voice just makes me feel like floating in outer space! It is starting to get embarrassing now, so bye and merry Christmas again!



Dec 22, 2012

Do you have one really funky sequined space suit, or do you have several changes? Do they smoke grass out in space or do they smoke Astroturf?

Oh hey? You are still alive? Everyone? Well, such a surprise, no apocalypse yesterday! Still living! (Heard the sarcasm?) I am pretty disappointed, though, I hoped some chilled alien dudes would have landed on earth yesterday. I also found the ultimate zombie weapon, ya know, to survive the zombie apocalypse! It's a sea anemone painted on card board and sticked onto a branch and as you see, it's totally magic. Watch out, zombies!
Enough of that bullshit talking, let me say something about my outfit. It's not even an outfit, it's only a dress as I don't have the rights shoes to pair it and was too lazy to put on makeup or even jewelery. Oops. This dress, anyways, is from my childhood. And it is pretty much perfect, obviously: Tiny flower print, buttons, a bow in the back, long sleeves, super cozy, and a Peter Pan collar! Get this! Ain't it beautiful? It deserves a huge and nice and amazing shoot, but I went outside barefeet and it was awfully cold, so I had to hurry up. I am missing summer so much in this moment, I could make a great shooting outside...
I am not really in a Christmas mood yet, I have to admit. It is either too warm or too rainy outside, I only once made cookies and everything is way too busy too feel like it is Christmas soon. That's so weird, I love the time before Christmas and I usually get into a Christmas mood very early! Kinda sad. I hope this will change in the next.... shit, till the day after tomorrow! And I still do not have every present, I can't believe it. Busy times, huh?
Today was pretty amazing, I went to the city to see a friend of mine, we went ice skating, well, at least I tried. I also downloaded some songs this week, I am listening to it all day long. By the way, what is your favorite Christmas song? I especially love "Christmas at the zoo" of The flaming lips, mostly because I go nuts for this band, they are totally perfect. For today's post title I used an amazing David Bowie song, it's about Bowie relaxing near Pluto in the universe and his nipples going pointy because of the coldness out there. Yep. That's it!

Hope you are having some beautiful Christmas days,


Dec 20, 2012

Screaming till our lungs are full, kicking down the teeth. We're not what we used to be. We're just paranoid!

Hey darlings! It is totally obvious, but here's a little post about it (not so little, hopefully.)! This post is about the best thing on earth: Spooky, scary, girly stuff! Oh shit I am just realizing this is a halloween post and it is christmas soon. In style questions, Halloween is never over! It is just the most stylish holiday. Here's my toplist of the most amazing creepy stuff:

Ouija boards.
Totally creepy and amazing. Look at this picture above, could it be better? It's just magical and great. Though I have never did that, I am sure it is galactic.
I mean, who doesn't love skulls. Candy skulls, kitten skulls, pure skulls. Just great! They have something which is creeping me out, but is also incredibly attracting.
Eyeballs. Boom. There is nothing more creepy. They are watching you...
Being super cute and fluffy, they contrast completely awesome with skulls, or eyeballs, or skeletons. Both together, they create a super super spooky vibe. Black kittens are also the pet of every fairytale witch!

Hmmm, slime! Slime's great. Red slime, pink slime, black slime, slime out of everything. Slime the world (first of all your closet, then the rest).

Ta-da! I am proud of myself, actually, as I wrote each and every perfect thing down here (well, a lot is missing, but not bad, huh?). I don't feel like writing very much here, so I'll just show you an outfit which I put together for this topic.

Bloody tights - Romwe
Cat skirt - Romwe
Velvet skirt - Romwe
Ozzy Osbourne - Romwe
Lace blouse - Romwe (who would have thought it?!)

Lace skirt - Asos
Shoes - Asos
Cross tights - Oasap
Slime tee - Topshop
(gorgeous) jacket - Romwe

I love all my followers and everyone who looks at my blog!

Love, Mary

PS: You have to think I am incredibly uncreative, to just post something this obvious, but I am actually planning a really cool post tomorrow! Hope I will find the time.

Dec 16, 2012

They see the sun go down but they don't see it rise, this one bird didn't leave you, you can hear it as it flies.

Hey lovelies. How are you? I don't have a clue how to start this post... well. This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. Friday and Saturday was amazing! My best buddy has a guest sister staying at her place for about a week, and we went to a great Christmas market in Erfurt. She is totally beautiful and gorgeous, though we cannot really talk with each other as her English isn't that good. Anyways, the Christmas market was awesome! I made about 300 pictures with my refley camera.

Sura (the guest sister) and me. She's beautiful!

There were presents hung up in a tree! Sooo cute!

The Dome of Erfurt and the "Weihnachtsrad".

This is a huge attraction of Erfurt, a cute little bridge with even cuter stores calles "Krämerbrücke"!

You could buy food everywhere!


Whatever. today was awful. George was too weak to make it. I have been crying a lot today.
I also made Carla's ( she's my best blogger friend!) package today, though! I bought some stuff for her at the Christmas market and will send it tomorrow. Also, I tried to tidy up my room today, but I completely failed...Oops. Anyways, hope your weekend was great!


Dec 12, 2012

And he's on the way to the real first in all the universe and he saves the day and the world knows. Now watch his head explode.

The song which lyrics I used for today's post is named "Guy who got a headache and accidentally saves the world". Get this. Flaming lips are the best, seriously. I am listening to their songs all day long. I am using their lyrics for almost every post lately, only sometimes Bowie or Led Zeppelin lyrics. 
Well, so. Let me tell you something about this outfit. It's really Rookie, in my opinion. I was inspired by the Queen of the neighborhood shoot, ya' know. This skirt is incredibly old, it's from my childhood. Those gorgeous leggins are from the pieces store, I love them. I am also wearing a thrifted Tee, a DIYed jacket ( which is the best garment I own!) and a DIYed collar. Sorry for this bedroom pic, I mean, this outfit would deserve more than just this picture, but a  nice shoot in the forest. It's unbelievably cold, though, so this won't be possible in the next few months. Such a shame! I love forest shoots! 
Um, ya, my life's kinda boring recently, so I don't have much to tell. I will go to a christmas market on Saturday with my best buddy, I am really looking forward to that! And I am planning a great Christmas tutorial for you. 
Also, I decided a few days ago to dye my hair peach! I only have to buy the dye color. I think it will look amazing! I love peach hair! And I ordered Marlena's vein tights on Oasap, I hope they will arrive on friday! They are the best tights ever. Anyways, I hope you are all okay!



Dec 10, 2012

We got a gorilla and we shaved him And bought him a motorcycle

So, today, we proudly present... THA BEST THING EVER, CHILDHOOD JEWELRY! It fits into every style. No matter if you are wearing something grunge, or your style's totally kawaii, whether you are wearing Meadham Kirchhoff or just Jeans, your jewelry from your childhood will make your outfit galactic. I recommend having a box of random jewelry (oh man how creative and intelligent.). And every morning, when you are thinking "Hey, something's missing in my outfit" you just throw on some childhood stuff. Ta-da! All my favorite bloggers love to wear childish stuff! Emily from Strong Punch wrote an "ode to hairclips" and this weird yellow dinosaur thing at the bottom of the collage ( of which I am kinda proud!) is a necklace of Carla from Redpunzel. See, childhood jewelry is amazing!
I own a little box made of red velvet, where I keep my jewelry (not that I'd use it. All my jewelry is laying somewhere in my room.) (which could be the reason that I almost never got around wearing it.) (I should clean up my room.) (okay done now.) and every now and then, I find something truly perfect in it. I mean, I didn't even knew I own a beautiful strawberry necklace! It's like a treasure box, full of memories and stylish stuff, which is, obviously, awesome. 
But what if you were a little girl which would rather play in the dirt than dressing up? Where can you get this stuff? Everywhere, darling. Steal it from your cute little cousin, or make him/her love you so he/she will either give you one or make you a beautiful necklace. Go to the dollar store, throw some stuff together, and ta-da, a beautiful bracelet. Order some hair clips in the internet, or maybe just find some of them at the drugstore. Or, Diy it! Take some hair clips and glue the shit on ( I am dreaming of a walrus hair clip!). There's nothing easier than getting childhood jewelry, it's like eating candy, you will feel happy afterwards. 
Well, my lovely readers, stand up now and search for childish jewelry! Now! No, I don't care if you are laying in bed, and no, I don't care if you are chilling at the pool (kidding.). What I want you to know is that childhood jewelry is wonderful and great. And most of all, magical.



Dec 6, 2012

Chipping around, kick my brains around the floor. These are the days it never rains but it pours.

Hey darlings! I made these pants today! Dunno if you can really see it, but the upper part is normal fabric in blue, and the legs are black fake leather. I really like how it turned out. I was inspired by some pants I saw on Romwe (GOSH how much I love Romwe. They sell like the perfect clothing!) and I had - surprise, surprise - some blue pants with holes and fake leather pants left! So I just sewed them together. Actually, my whole outfit is DIYed, the saddle shoes as well as the cat face shirt. This look isn't as weird as usual, I like it, though. I am feeling incredibly comfy in this shirt, as everyone is staring at me and I am feeling totally Rookie. 
Today was kind of cool, school was laidback and then I  he brought you. But now I am almost fifteen and a little bit too old. I also completely forgot about it this year, since I don't feel like it's Christmas soon, but today, just on my way to the school bus, I saw a little chocolate Santa in my shoe! My father put it into it, and I was so happy! It just made my day. 
Hope your day was great,


Dec 5, 2012

Trend spotting (and Obsession): Peacock feather prints

Hey, today I discovered a new trend (well, at least I didn't recognized it earlier.). It's peacock feather print, whether on shirts, dresses or even pants - it's amazing!
Peacocks have always seemed magical to me - although I have never seen a peacock spreading its tail. Anyways, they are totally beautiful and so graceful! Walking around, every step taken with care, head up like little princesses. With their shining, glittering feathers and the crown on their head, they have always fascinated me. So what could be better than one obsession plus another, like: Peacocks + Fashion!
I think the colors of peacock feathers are the "minus", in my opinion. Green or blue have never been my colors, I am just a typical girlie sometimes. But the design and feeling of them is just great! They seem so magical!

Dress - Romwe
Shoes - Asos
Bracelet/Ring - Topshop
Brooch - Etsy

Incredibly amazing leggins - Etsy (only 16 $!)
Platform boots - Topshop
Top - Topshop

So, I mean, how amazing are those leggins?! Aren't they adorable? So, I just decided to make a peacock brooch tonight. How do you like this trend? Do you own some pieces?
Daily life has got better now, since yesterday. Lovely Maddie talked about me on her blog, as I have sent her a flower crown I made. She was so incredibly nice!

Hope you are all okay,


Dec 2, 2012

Because they taste american

Hello. These are the songs I am into now, I am listening to this stuff all day long! The tragically Hip is one of my favorite bands. I discovered them last summer when we spent our holidays in Canada (which was incredibly beautiful) and the first thing I did, being back in Germany, was buying their album on iTunes. I have been listening to their songs for over a year now, and although after hearing a song to often, you are getting bored or annoyed of it, I still love each and every song.
David Bowie is actually the best man ever. He is inspiring and amazing.
Well. How was your weekend?



Nov 29, 2012

The corner of your eyes, I long forevermore, I never want to say goodnight, miracle goodnight

Heyhey. Today was nice but also sucked. I meant to go to the cinema with some amazing friends and I forgot it! I am just so stupid...
Oh well. But George, my hamster from last post, is doing well and we bought a huge cage and he's running around and eating and is hella cute. And tomorrow will be awesome because my best buddy and I will have a sleepover and we'll make stickers. 
My outfit's pretty much way too cold for November, but hey, it's never too cold for Tulle. So, my Tulle Skirt is DIYed with this amazing tutorial from Marlena, and those Saddle Shoes, too. I am wearing Santa Claus socks 'cause they are cozy and Santa's real and cool. And. Please have a look at my tee. It's a vintage men tee from the Kennedy Space center and the print's breathtaking, in my opinion! And I felt like dancing ballett (I took classes for five years or more when I was a child... well, actually two years ago.) so I did something strange. I love ballett, and I would love to dance again, but sadly, there's no good school here (at least no one I know). Well.

And then I put some stickers all over my face because stickers are amazing. And I think this balloon belongs to my face. Maybe I will just leave it on till I die.



Nov 27, 2012

Limitless undying love, which shines around me like a million suns

Hey hey. Sorry for this lack of posting... (isn't it awful that I am apologizing for this everytime?!) So. This is a collage I made. It's actually about everything I love and could not live without. I think you know that I love those stuff if you are a follower, but here's why and what exactly.
I love....
the Outer Space. It's incredibly beautiful, and I mean, neverending. Neverending beauty. Full of plasmas, unknown planets and stars, it's the best thing on earth ever. All those secrets waiting there, every star (There are approximately 20000000000000000000000 stars! Get this! ) and all those alien dudes. There is nothing better than Outer Space. In my dreams, I open my window above my bed and all I see is the Outer Space.
For the crew of the USS Enterprise, this dream came true. It's beyond amazing what they are doing everyday: " Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year-mission: to explore strange worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. " My favorite character is Mr. Spock, from Vulcan. He was the first Vulcan to ever join the Starfleet, and he turned out as an amazing Captain and friend of James T. Kirk. Being super bright, he is also totally funny and ironic. Just have a look at his ears, isn't he adorable?
Done with Outer Space stuff in my universe, I think it's time for Rookie now. Rookie, as weird as it may sound, actually changed my life. I wouldn't be the same without this magazine. It definitely made me more self-confident and stronger, I learned to ignore haters and to do what I want without caring about the thoughts of others. This will never change again. Besides that, Rookie also influenced my style. I think it's so hard to define my style, and I actually don't want my style to be defined. . But "Rookie Style" is a definition I love and it means more to me than just clothing. I love the community of Rookies in the blogosphere.
The person who introduced me to Rookie was Tavi. I had been reading Tavi's blog a few times and when I saw that she published her own magazine, I was totally in awe. Tavi is also the person who introduced me to Blogging. She showed me so many things and stuff, I deeply admire her for what she is, what she achieved. And I admire her for being herself. She's truly one of the best teens ever. I never knew what to say when I was asked for my "role model", but since I am knowing Rookie and her, I know she's my role model. I also made a zine for her. Gosh please do not think I am a creepy stalker, I do not have thousands of pictures of her hanging around and I am not dreaming of her (yet... haha.).
I also love love love Blogging. It may sound obvious, but I truly do. It's so much fun sharing your thoughts with the world, and I love all my followers (hey you!) and I also made some amazing friends. I swapped zines with Carla from Redpunzel and I'll send Flower's Zine at thursday (I promise. Life's been so busy. School sucks.). I also sent a flower crown to Maddie. I've got to know the most awesome people since I am blogging, and some of my friends are stalking my blog and they admire what I am doing, and I love what I am doing. I cannot understand how people "hate" my blog because, when they don't like it (or me), why the hell do they even look at it? Whatever, blogging is amazing and I hope when I am a grandma with three kittens and a donkey, I am still able to do it.
Something closely related to my blog is fashion, obviously. I go nuts for Meadham Kirchhoff or Doc Martens (see last post). Fashion is just my way to express who I am and who I want to be. Let's save this stuff for a blogging anniversary. But I go nuts for fashion, and I mean it.
See what's left. Woodstock, glittered shoes, black lips ( I wrote about them earlier, you know, they are witchy and amazing.) , unicorns, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin. Which is *obviously* perfect. Let's start with the music stuff. Led Zeppelin and David Bowie - no better music in our galaxy (I wonder what music Spock would like...). David Bowie is such an amazing and inspiring man, he was never afraid of doing something that would seem weird. He just gives a fuck and rocks the stage. He's immortal. And kinda hot, by the way. Led Zeppelin is (as David Bowie) just too awesome to describe. "Stairway to heaven" is, in my opinion, the best song ever. It's just pure beauty.
Another amazing kind of music is Reggae (good Vibrations...). I wish wish wish I would be living in the Sixties and Seventies - it seems like the perfect time to me. Full of petticoats and this peace movement dudes, known as "Hippies". Just, they didn't care if it was raining or stuff, they just partied all day long and were hanging around being stoned, wearing daisies in their hair and living life. It must have been like seeing the center of the universe, full of beauty, something which can't be described.
What I love, too, is Glitter. It's just literally the best thing ever! It's magical!
And so are unicorns. They do exist, maybe in a left valley in the Himalaya mountains full of purple flowers and a lake to clear for this planet. And one day I will ride a unicorn and it will be my best friend. And it will glitter because everything perfect glitters!

Wow. I wrote way too much. And I am not even done yet. Some daily life: We adopted a little incredibly cute hamster! My Dad found it at the waste dump because someone really awful threw him away! He's a little bit sick, but he's eating and he's fluffy and his name is George. Such a Cutie!

Hope you had an amazing day,


Nov 24, 2012

Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear

An Ode to Docs

Docs are a very important part of the blogger community. I mean, every blogger seems to own at least one pair, except me. They are my number one on my Christmas wishlist forever. Here's why Doc Martens are officially the best shoes in the universe.

1. They make each and every look perfect.

Whether you are wearing Tulle, Lace, Levi's Cutoffs, or your style's rather kawaii, Doc Martens will always look perfect. They come in incredibly many colors, so it's pretty hard to choose. My all-time-favorite are black one's - classic and rebellious, though. They suit everybody, and they look amazing with every outfit. I mean, see the collage above - what could be more different than those two looks? And every look above is perfect!

2. They add a badass touch to every outfit.

As Docs are pretty heavy, they remind us of the good old Grunge and Punk times. And wearing something grunge or punk is badass and amazing.

3. They can be worn to everything.

And with everything, I mean everything. See point Nr. 1. Shoes to go with a Tulle dress? Docs! Shoes to go with your black lipstick? Docs! Shoes to go with your school uniform? Docs! Shoes to go with your favourite worn-out Top? Docs! Shoes to go with your customized Jeans Jacket? Docs! 

4. They will always be "in". 

Since the Label established aroud 1945, they are having huge success. Like you can see above, Docs are amazing. And too amazing to ever be out, or even in, they are just perfect no matter which decade.

5. They are Doc Martens.

Yep. I have been searching for similar boots a long time, but it's hopeless. There are no Doc Martens fake boots which look as awesome as the Original. I promise.

Can I hear some clapping hands, please? Yay for Docs! 

Do you own a pair (oh, why am I even asking.)? I think a pair of Docs belong to every amazing closet. I really hope I will get a pair for Christmas!



Nov 21, 2012

See the moon above the stars

Hey guys. I am feeling kinda uninspired the past few days, soo...
I am wearing this outfit over and over. It's just so cozy and features all my favourite pieces! Sorry, I should pretend I am super proffessional but I don't have a thousands of clothes, but I love the pieces I own. All of these garments have been mentioned on my blog already, so let's just see it as a round-up. Those Wedges are from Primark, my trousers are Zara (These two pieces are actually the only ones I am owning from those Mainstream shops - I think I don't own anything besides a black top from H&M, and I am proud of that, duh.) The shirt's DIYed and the collar thrifted. I don't wear any jewelery because I am way too lazy for accessoires. You know what's missing there? The Army Jacket.

 Know what's still missing? The best shoes on earth, Doc Martens.

Eek? My face? And my oh-so-sexy pose? Huh. Really not nice. I look like Alan Harpour!
I often imagine outfits, or things which would match my look perfectly. As I am not super rich, I mean, I am spending way too much money for clothing anyways, I often can't afford my dream garments. Sigh. Thus, I am only imagining my style...
Hey, wait, it's Christmas time soon! My wishlist is getting bigger and bigger...
What's on your wishlist? Would you be interested in seeing mine?

Some daily life: We had no school today! I was chilling' at home and relaxing in my bed. Then I went to the city to meet some friends, we drank hot chocolate and it was fun and really nice. Yep.
And, dunno if you noticed, 56 MEMBERS! Thank you so much! (Ah, and if you are reading my blog and you aren't a follower... go follow! (: )



Nov 18, 2012

Lovers looking for the first little stars

 Hey. So, I am really sorry for this lack of posting lately, I hope I will finde more time for blogging soon. Well, this is a collar I made today. I wanted to create a piece for feminism, and what could be better than using a rookie tutorial and pompoms for that? (Okay, Pompoms have actually nothing to do with feminism, but hey, Pompoms! ). I am not sure how to pair it yet (code for: I am too lazy to leave the couch and have a look into my closet), but collars can be worn with everything!
How are you? How did you spend your weekend? I had planned an almost perfect weekend, but then something went wrong. It was amazing, though! I had a sleepover with my best buddy, and we created our perfect future... So we will buy an Island, hopefully soon, and we will have many unicorns and fairies and glittered rooms. I am actually dreaming about our island all the time... I will never stop believing that there are still some unicorns left on this planet (don't laugh.)! Am I the only one to dream of unicorns?
Okay, I am getting way to dreamy. I have to do some homework now (sucks.). So, my also-in-unicorns-believing-friends, live long and prosper!



Ah Bitchface. "Don't you realize that I am not listening to your boring stuff at all?!"
I actually didn't meant to bitchface in this picture... but I did.

Nov 13, 2012

Who shines white light and wants to show how everything still turns to gold.

Isn't this one totally awesome? I DIYed it today and I am so proud of it! I had this in my mind for two months, but I just never found the time. Finally, I made it today, and I am kinda proud! It's one of my favourite pieces now. I was very inspirated by the Rookie Style Nationwide, in Picture 41 there's a girl with the same one, and I was really fascinated by this picture!

Ah I ordered this dress a few days ago, and it arrived really soon after ordering it. I didn't expect it to arrive so quickly, so I was really surprised (I actually screamed out loud.) It's like super tight and I have to admit, I look kinda amazing wearing it... 

Eep! I made a Led Zeppelin shirt! I have been a fan of Led Zeppelin since I first heard "Stairway to heaven". I love this tee - I used a transfer printer foil or something and it turned out amazing! The colors are wonderful and Led Zeppelin rocks the world.

A super fun Michael Schumacher shirt ( he's a Formula 1 guy, and some of the best one's ever. Kind of a german hero, or so.) I got it for fifty cents at our local thrift store.

Hey dudes. These are just some things I bought or made the past few days. I am really busy this week, so sorry for this lack of posting. I hope everything's okay with you guys!