Jul 31, 2012

Daisy sunnies DIY

Inspired by a pair of wonderful sunnies seen on Rookie I made up a little crazy DIY for you.
1.You'll need: A pair of sunnies like mine, thick white paper, scissors, acrylic paint in yellow (optional) and a hot glue gun. Paint your sunnies yellow, if they aren't already. Don't be stupid and paint the actual glasses you see trough ( I assume you aren't. ) .
2. Then take the thick paper and fold it like a fan. Draw a petal, hold it and cut it out. You should have more than one petal ( yay it's magic!)
3. Now, take your hot glue gun and glue the petals inside the sunnies like you see on the picture. I recommend only two or three petals on the bottom part of the sunnies. Allow it to dry and you are done! Have fun with these freakin' awesome sunnies. :)
Oh, yeah, there's something else... Happy summer holidays, everybody! YAY!

xoxo, Mary

Jul 30, 2012


Yaroo, fashion victim

I ordered some asos goodies recently and they arrived about a week ago. I would wear these all day, all night if I could. The jacket turned out with amazing neon colors and perfect fitting, you can find it here ( It's even cheaper, yay!) . As you may have noticed, I've been talking A LOT about these shoes lately and I am so flattered! Fortunatly, it is so easy to walk in flatforms this high ( I think they're two inches or so? ) so even I can do it. They are unexpectedly comfortable!

These days are great anyways. School will be out and over tomorrow and I cannot wait for it. Nothing happens it school at all! There are only four lessons left this school year and I'm counting the minutes :DD Summer holidays will be great, you can expect many pictures and at least a few DIYs. To all german readers, have a nice last day in school if you haven't already!

xoxo, Mary

Jul 29, 2012

Obsession: The virgin suicides

The virgin suicides, released in 1999, is about five sisters and their last days and weeks. They all commit suicide in the end which is so unbelievably sad. During the movie you can watch them playing their role pretending to be happy, gaining experiences, crying and dying, actually. This pastel, sad, dreamy look of the movie will haunt you forever. Sofia Coppola, the director, is an amazing woman for sure. To style your room like theirs ( I did...) read this amazing article by Rookie. I could DIE for one of these dresses and bracelets...

These dresses from ruche feature the perfect Virgin suicides style. Go get them, cool crowd!

xoxo, Mary

Jul 24, 2012

Trend spotting: Bugs and ants

I discovered a new trend today and I am so smitten by this fresh new look! Bugs and ants printed on your garment show a awesome new way of animal print way better than leopard (which I, to be honest, never really liked. ) Bug prints are a wonderful new trend and somehow ironical. Bugprint looks great in pastels and with a vintage-vibe, but I can also imagine other color combinations! I hope more garments with this print will be available soon! The clothes which are available now are so expensive. DIY alert!

Antrophologie 2011

Dusen Dusen

xoxo, Mary.


What a great day, man. School was really laidback, there was a audition for theater and nothing else. I'll meet my best friend today to chat and relax and sing as I have an earwig and I can't get rid of it. It was the perfect day to wear my lace dress which I sewed all by myself. Applause, please. :) I'm so proud of it, although it is kinda short. I was planning this project for two months and two weeks ago, I finally bought the fabric and started. In the past few weeks, it was too cold and too rainy to wear short dresses without tights and I was desperately waiting for an opportunity to wear it and today was the perfect chance!
 I hope ya' all have a great tuesday :)
xoxo, Mary

PS: As you may have noticed I changed my layout again. How do you like it?

Jul 23, 2012

Obsession: David Bowie

all images found here

David Bowie certainly is one of the most amazing men ever. From his androgynous style to his eyes, his talent, from head to toe simply amazing. Read this article about his style 'cause I can't find words.

PS: I'm sorry, my cellphone is broken so it's not possible for me to show you pictures of me and my daily life. This will change soon, I promise.

Jul 22, 2012



Hey, you guys, welcome this amazing continent. Asia is great and big and it has so many facets. Just think of all these blinkin' lights in Tokyo, think of the Himalaya, of the tea and the athmosphere, think of pandas and chinese dragons, think of temples, think of deserts, rice plantations, asian food, asian markets, think of elephants and noisy monkeys living right in the city, think of bamboo and think of Holi which is certainly one of the best things ever ( just look at these pictures ). I think you got the point. Thus, it is pretty difficult to choose one outfit. :)

This look shows the poorer parts of Asia, the rice plantations. People living there usually don't have a choice and just wear... whatever. For me, dark denim is a fabric which kind of reminds me of Asia ( which is weird,  because it is clearly the most american garment you could think of. ) . Who thought "whatever" could be super stylish? :)
1. Chicwish
2. Urban Outfitters
3.  Etsy

Yay, blinkin' lights of Tokyo! In my opinion, asian girls always seem very girly and like little princesses which are crazy about hello kitty ( that's not a bad thing. ) They are so glamorous and shiney and glitter-y. I can't tell you how they really are as I don't know, but this would look pretty cute. And if you would ever wear something similar, go get this candy.

1. topshop
2. asos
3. asos
4. topshop
5. + 6. topshop

PS: If I had to choose, Asia would be my favourite continent.

Jul 21, 2012

Brain Eater

I discovered a new word! Brain Eater! You can see the BRAIN EATER above...
And I even know what a brain eater is. A brain eater is an activity or a place where you can get....
  • bored out of your brains
  • a heavy headache
  • this feeling when all your thoughts are "bla.bla.bla.bla" and you aren't able to think about anything else
for example school. School is a brain eater. Stupid teachers are brain eaters. People who talk way too much are brain eaters. Brain eaters are everywhere but don't let them get you down. Have a wonderful Saturday!

xoxo, Mary

PS: I am sorry for this weird post but it just came into my mind and the brain eater forced me.

Have a good trip!


Hello, ya' guys and welcome to the second country on our trip. Australia is amazing... all the cute coala bears, the cangaroos, the great barrier reef, the hot desert, Sydney, the poisonous snakes, christmas in summer, the sand and emus passing by. I have relatives in Adelaide and they are really nice and cool and stuff. The outfit I chose is simple, made for hot weather but still very stylish.

1. Forever 21
2. Etsy
4. H&M
5. Topshop
6. DIY from Kate's Closet

Jul 20, 2012


Welcome, lovely people, to my new series! It is my first one and I am pretty exited. These are all stereotypes of different countries. Usually, I hate stereotypes as they are never true. I do not expect anyone in these countries to look exactly like this or something. Stereotypes can help, expectations can help, but they can also destroy. I am everything but typical german and I think that's kinda cool because no one should look exactly the same, ya know? It is difficult to explain. So don't be mad at me and have fun :)


Welcome in this stormy, rainy, nice, stylish country. I really like british fashion blogs like Wunderlust as they combine a vixen-vibe with classics and tea cups... awesome. Thus, I chose a pretty classical outfit with studs ( I have been pretty much in love with studs recently... ).

1. Topshop ( a pretty daisy pleated skirt)
2. Asos ( I adore this studded leather collar...)
3. Topshop ( this skirt has a wonderful school-uniform vibe, doesn't it? )
4. Forever 21 (a blouse which goes with everything. )
5. Asos ( I ordered them and I am so exited )
6. Topshop ( This tee has a london map on it! How adorable! )
7. Romwe ( This embellished blouse is very, very classical and would look stunning with this jumper)
8. Topshop ( See the vixen- vibe I talked about? )
9. Forever 21 (This skinny jeans is both classic and modern. )
10. Forever 21 ( I've been wishing for a necklace like this for months)
11. Flapper Girl ( Lady ties are so stunning.... )
12. Romwe ( Houndstooth! Just imagine how AMAZING this would look with #9! Awesome!)