Aug 27, 2015

Starry, starry night, flaming flowers that brightly blaze, swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue - morning fields of amber grain, weathered faces lined in pain are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.

Hi lovelies!
I cannot believe it's been three weeks since my last post again, despite all my good intentions! But so much happened lately and my summer has been basically one special, wonderful moment after another. One of the indisputable best moments was my journey to Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I spent four and a half (way too short, but lovely) days in the capital of the Netherlands. The city itself is amazing - everything, especially the little houses at the canals seems picture-perfect and the atmosphere is lovely. Wandering aimlessly around the city along the canals and discovering all those cute stores and picturesque little bridges made me really happy.

Nonetheless, the indisputably best moment in Amsterdam was the Van Gogh Museum. Four floors entirely dedicated to the life and oeuvre of Vincent van Gogh? Yes please! And standing in the line in front of the museum for nearly two hours proved to be definitely worth it. I was absolutely carried away by his paintings. To be honest, I have hardly ever experienced this power of art, especially his self-portraits almost brought me to tears. The incredible expression of his emotions through the colors were - in a subtle, yet intense way - extremely touching. Vincent's biography seems to me as a contrast in itself: The utter, yellow and lilac, spring-esque joy he felt while living in Arle where he painted the sunflowers contrasting the wild, swirling, dark blue pain and loneliness which can be seen here, for example. In his use of colors, he did not only find a way of expression but of survival.

Basically, the raw beauty of his work left me speechless (which is hard to achieve as I'm basically talking non stop), and I consider myself very lucky to have seen his signature in person.
So obviously, my outfit is all centered around van Gogh's art! I bough this awesome t-shirt in Amsterdam. It shows his painting Starry Night, which is one of the most popular ones. I love the swirling clouds and glowing stars on it! The quality of the print and the soft fabric justify the price which was approximately higher than the prices of all my tees added together, but just look at this shirt. I made the velvet skirt by myself which you probably know already as I am overwearing it, and the shoes are, like, four years old from a fleamarket. The socks are new and fit perfectly into my current obsession with tie dye (maybe it's chronical). Actually, they're from the men's department which is funny because they are almost ten sizes too large, but hey, they were two bucks for three pairs! I guess they match the tee pretty well as they have the same kind of swirly blue print, you know?

So that's another outfit centered around art. It seems I'm quite obsessed. I hope you don't mind even more posts about art, haha (there was a store in Amsterdam which only sold clothing printed with artworks. it was perfect). 
My obsession is also manifested in the title of this post - I always use song lyrics, as you know, and this particular song has a certain place in my heart. It's so beautiful!
I hope you're having a great summer!

Lots of love,


Aug 3, 2015

Then you began to hang up me, you studied to portray me in ice and greens and old blue jeans. I gave you all my pretty years, then we began to weather and I was left to winter here while you went west for pleasure.

Hi lovelies!
A couple of days ago, I met up with a photographer who build up a beautiful studio only a few kilometres away I never knew about before until he contacted me all of the sudden. It kinda feels like a secret, hidden place only some people know - and it's totally amazing. Mark actually mostly takes analog photos, especially polaroids. And I love the wonderful, dreamy kind of effect Polaroids tend to have, so that's exactly what I could only have dreamt of!
We had two lovely days full of great cameras, broken polaroids, wonderful photos and - one of my favorite parts - a great conversation about art. I love artsy conversations, and it's even better with a person who has an equally great taste as an impressive knowledge.
Not smiling and looking good, though, proved to be quite a big challenge! Especially the smiling part as I am quite a happy person and tend to smile at everyone. But surprisingly, in most of the photos I managed not to look like a total idiot. Actually, I was almost shocked how good the pictures turned out in the end, haha. It was just such a great time so having good photos at the end was just perfect.
On the photo above, I'm holding one of the cameras we worked with. Isn't she ~perfect~? I love how unpredictable those polaroids are - you just never know how a picture will turn out!
Analog pictures have a certain kind of flair - it's not just how the picture turns out, but about the process of taking the picture. As every picture is expensive, you think more about what to take a picture of. And you learn to love the effect each camera has.
Lately, I've been constantly carrying around a analog camera for the especially wonderful moments this summer, and I am so exited how they will turn out! I will show you a few here.

These are the best ones. I hope you like them as much as you do!
Have a great summer!

Lots of love,