Apr 1, 2014

So you can put the clouds up in your own little way, but the sun is gonna come up the very next day, it's gonna be so bright it's gonna blow you away and once it's over your head will never be the same.


Hey guys, I hope you're all fine. Spring's finally there - it's pretty risky, though, to wear short skirts or tank tops already, as the weather changes all the time. Last weekend was perfect, not only because of the weather. I spent some beautiful hours in the park (it was so lovely! There were petals flying through the air and daisies and everything was so summer-esque.) with my boyfriend. I'm quite sad it's school again, but we' gonna have spring break in two weeks. And this week doesn't really count as a proper week of school - I'll only have a few lessons, as the theater group in my school keeps me busy. We are going to premiere on Thursday! I'm already so exited and I hope everything will work. I'll tell you about it next post.

Well, although school's quite okay (for I don't spend as much time there as usual), it really bores me. It bores me to death. I should probably listen and pay attention as we'll write quite a lot of tests soon, but I can't. I always carry "The Great Gatsby" with me, and when I can't bear the boredom any longer, I read a few pages. If you haven't read it or at least watched the movie, DO. Just do it. It's by far the best-written book I have ever read, and the characters are so incredibly amazing. One sentence in it sums up my feelings lately pretty nice, by the way: “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” The whole book is so beautiful and I literally can't wait to read it all over again.
Back to the topic: Inspired by how boring school is, I decided to try to go for a bored-schoolgirl-look. I love the jumper! It's my sister's, she wears it as a pyjama which I just don't understand, it's way too cool for this! The shirt (you only see the collar) is mine, I believe it was from H&M about two years ago, maybe more. The skirt, which I totally overwear is from Primark, the knee socks are thrifted and the shoes are from Canada, also they are too small and almost fall apart. I made the flower crown by myself.

Now to something completely different. It was my birthday on the 19th of March! Sweet sixteen! I've been longing for finally being sixteen, as you're allowed to go out (to parties) at this age in Germany. I and a friend of mine, whose birthday was two days before mine, threw a party with a lot of nice people and lots and lots of cake. There were brownies, cupcakes and even a rainbow cake! We had an awesome evening/night.

I hope I didn't bore you as much as school bores me, and I hope you'll have a great day.

Lots of love,