Jan 29, 2013

You've got a smile that takes me to another planet, every move you make everything you say is right, today was a fairytale.

Hey. Now I know this weird feeling when your life just totally feels like a Taylor Swift song, it's kinda funny. But this is getting to private now. Sooo...
I am wearing a tulle skirt from my childhood, a gifted shirt ( so nineties!), a thrifted shirt, and a tiara which I bought last week. You'll see it here many more times, I promise - I really love it. It's so glittery! I think I will also glue some flowers on it. And a Unicorn.
I feel really restless in these days. School bores me so much, I just want to go and see the world. I have been thinking about so many beautiful countries and places I want to see, it feel pretty awful to be stuck in this tiny village with all those small-minded people. I think that even when you are immortal, there's no chance to see everything on earth, there are so many tiny, wonderful places you can explore. As a child, I always pretended I was an explorer - I'd pack my backpack and went off to the woods with my best friend, discovering beautiful and mysterious places. I guess I need to do that this weekend.



Jan 27, 2013

We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size, we talked with tall Venusians, passing through. And Peter tried to climb aboard but the Captain shook his head and away they soared limbing through the ivory vibrant cloud.

Hey guys! I am just popping in for telling your that I have joined Eva's "The Wandering" ! Yay! I am so happy and proud about this. It makes me very exited and I already made a few things to submit. Wohoo!
This weekend was very busy, but awesome. On Friday, I did my first Tarot ever. I went to a friend, we listened to Pink Floyd records and then we gave each other Tarot readings. It was amazing!

On Saturday, we (my best friend and I) went to the woods to make some pictures. It was so great, but just awfully cold. The pictures turned out wonderful, though! I took my lovely new tiara with me, and ran around like a princess (until I almost froze to death, then I looked more like a weird chihuahua... well.). See, awesome weekend! I was really happy anyways, because it was possible for me to not stand up at six am damnit. Waking up, I actually couldn't believe that there was no school today. This week seemed so incredibly long... I'm glad it's over, but unfortunately, a new week is starting tomorrow ( duh. ) and I don't want to go to school again. I am desperately trying to be happy this week, though, let's see if it works.

Hope your weekend was awesome,


Jan 24, 2013

Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly, the Spiders from Mars. He played it left hand, but made it too far, Became the special man, then we were Ziggy's Band.

Hey lovely Mars-spiders! These are some pictures I took yesterday night. It may sound weird, but I just felt like being David Bowie. So I draw a lightning bolt on my face, styled my hair and made pictures. It felt pretty amazing. I think I need to make a drama-esque table with one thousand mirrors and sweet wrappers and make-up-shit and a giant light string, to draw lightning bolts and mod eye make-up on my face. I really need to do that, I guess! Anyways, I really love portrait photos lately, and together with extreme Bowie vibes, it was so much fun and really amazing. I think I will do a Obsession post about him again, because I wrote a giant article on my typewriter called "The perfection of David Bowie" and it's kinda cool, so I will share it here soon.

Today (and yesterday) was amazing. I had so much fun with a friend of mine. Ya, well, I will go thrifting soon. I need new (ha, joke.) clothes!



PS Oh, any please appreciate my hair styling. It took me half an hour, but it still looks weird.

Jan 19, 2013

Get yourself a sweet Madonna, dressed in rhinestone, comes in colorless, pink and pleasant, glows in the dark, it's iridescent.

And I am back again with a little DIY for you. I got some studs for Christmas, and I can't wait to stud literally everything I own! This is a very very easy DIY, and everyone can do it.

1. You'll need a black belt, a thin one would work best, and some studs. 
2. You don't need this, actually, it's so self-explanatory! But just stud the belt. Measure before, how much of the belt you'll need to be studded, by just holding it onto your neck (if that makes sense).
3. Um, yeah, you're done, I just needed another picture.

That's it! I think it's really easy, and I just love those necklaces. You can wear them to basically everything, and they add a rebellious touch or something. Whatever.

I love studs and rhinestones! It's pretty strange, because I go crazy for everything pastel or pink, I love kitschy stuff and I believe in unicorns, but on the other hand, I also totally love studs, heavy boots and spikes. Therefore, it's really hard for me to define or describe my style - the only description that I would love to get is that I am dressing "Rookie", because that's an amazing compliment, and, actually, the only group I feel like fitting in and the only group which I'd love to be a part of. And I got a awesome description of my look a few weeks ago, somebody very nice said, I look like a Space angel ballerina, which, I guess, is a wonderful description of how I would love to look. Does that make any sense? I hope so.



Jan 17, 2013

I'm the space invader, I'll be a rock'n'rollin' bitch for you, mouth shut, you're squawking like a pink monkey bird and I'm busting up my brains for the words.

Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday? My rookie yearbook and the t-shirt! It was actually a long-lost Christmas present from my dad. I love it so much! It's so perfect and wonderful, I love all the articles and shoots. I could read in it for about all my life long. I love Rookie anyways. The T-Shirt is so cozy and I feel so great wearing it, it's amazing to proudly wear something you believe in, something you totally love. I think it makes you really self-confident to wear a message on your T-Shirt. You are even walking differently (or is it just me, because Rookie is actually my life?! Seriously, it became my life-attitude. ).  I love this package so much, it made my week. Now I am officially a rookie, so that everyone can see it. Yay!
Besides the Rookie shirt, I am wearing my beautiful vein tights because I don't want to put them off anymore, and asos flatforms, and some childhood bracelets from last post.
Today was like everyday, until the afternoon, since then it got perfect. I lay down in my bed, reading articles in the Rookie yearbook, played with my cat, listened to David Bowie and to the flaming lips. Like, this is perfect. It was a really cool afternoon. I really got lost in Bowie's music, he just gives me goosebumps. His music is so wonderful and as awesome as outer space. Sigh...

Anyways, I hope you are all fine and have enough chocolate and marshmellows hidden in your room for midnight dinners,


Jan 15, 2013

And Kim's got her watermelon gun, cause its the consciousness of love. She won't give it to them, she won't give it to them.

Hey darlings. Thank you for all the supercute response for my last post. And dunno if you noticed it, but I reached 100 followers! Thank you so much! It's like a huge step in my blogging history (ehem.).  Anyways, I am very proud of this.
I am wearing a primark galaxy dress ( hm, that's a little bit too hipster) and a thrifted, DIYed shirt, and one thousand necklaces from my childhood. And a collar. That's it. I felt somehow inspired by Ghost world, and I was trying to channel the last scene where she takes the bus to nowhere, like, the unknown, tragic but also fun vibes. That sounds awful. Whatever, I needed to wear something and dressed up as a mix between a childish princess, a goth, and the wife of major tom. God, how much I love David Bowie - he's the most amazing man ever. I think I will do an Obsession post about him again, there's so much to be said about him.
Today was really nice  - My family and I went out for dinner (to celebrate 100 followers and because I acted superannoying until we actually went out), which was really cool. 

Hope you had an amazing day,


Jan 12, 2013

Well, it seems like she can be anything, any kind of creature she wants to be. Oh, it seams like she can be anything, any kind of frog.

Hey darlings! Guess what... post number 100, baby! Congrats to me! As I have missed the first anniversary, half year blogging, I will today write about blogging, me, and life in general. Get ready, get some cookies and tea, because this will be the longest post on my blog ever.

I have been a rookie from the very beginning, and they always inspire me (I'll get to that later). Tavi's blog has also been a huge inspiration. She totally fascinated me - her style, what she' has achieved, and how she was just being herself However, I wasn't myself to that time - I was afraid, mainly because of others. But step by step I got more self-confident and curious about it all - I went thrifting, and I started DIYing many things I wore mustache prints two years before it got popular, I had flowered pants long before everyone wore them. The most important garment were a special pair of pants - they were thrifted breeches.That was the point were they started talking about me. I wore them in school with my amazing vintage lace blouse, and everyone was like "why are you wearing this?!". I wore it because I liked it, and because I was sick of being normal like everyone. Since then, I got more and more interested in fashion I found new, awesome blogs, I ordered things from online stores, I sewed dresses, I DIYed shoes, rings and made shrines, and I went thrifting. And guess what - I still had friends. Of course, people bullied me a bit, like asking me "why are wearing these strange things?" and talked bad about me, stuff like that.  I still don't understand why they behaved this mean, but I am happy that I can talk normal to them again. Anyways, in that tim I learned how not to care about other's opinions about you, which was really important. I also started to think about blogging myself. I kept a journal full of ideas and inspirations, wrote posts, and took photos of DIYs I made. I thought about the layout, and then, one day, I just said "C'mon. Just do it." I marked one day, the 5.6.12, actually, in my calendar, and told myself "this is the date where you'll start your blog". And I did. You can see the result here.
I think I started my blog because I needed space. Space to tell people my thoughts, space to share my DIYs, and my outfits. I also did so because I love writing and talking and crafting. I felt like meeting people, and talking with people. I mean, I am so incredibly happy I started my blog - it was one of the best decisions in my life.

I just realized I need a theme for my one year anniversary, so I will leave out one theme.

I made up an aim today. That's what I would love to have: Until the one year anniversary, on 5. June 2013, I aim for 200 members. So go and be a member. At this point, thank you all so much! The first thing I am doing in the morning is checking my comments, seeing if anyone has wrote something, and usually, you did. Your supercute comments always make me smile so much, you people make my day. Thank you! I could not do that without you sweet guys. And please, don't hesistate to leave anonymous comments (as long as they are nice, duh!). And, by the way, stop commenting mean shit. I don't care anyways, but it sucks.

Next topic. In which I talk about rookie and fangirl a bit (a lot).
Rookie means so much to me. As said earlier, I have been a rookie from the very beginning. I made almost every DIY they posted, and so many articles have helped me so much. They made me way more self-confident - I do believe in myself now, and I do not care anymore what others do say. But it's late and I am so tired, so I will write about this another time.

Time for me. I will tell you some stuff about me. I am, actually, the biggest Trekkie in the universe. Kirk and Spock always make my day, I really love this show! My favorite character is Spock, which is obvious, but I love him utterly. He's like so amazing - look at his ears, you have to love him. I love how funny and logical he is, at the same time. I even cried when he died. I go crazy for all those movies! My favorite one, though, is "Back to the future". It is so funny! They are acting so weird and funny in this movie, I mean, they don't even know money.  Star Trek is so perfect. And I will meet Spock one day, duh. Another weird fact about me: My nails always look so shitty. I hate removing the nail polish, so they are kinda awful. What else can I tell you... I don't wear scarves, I just don't really like how they look. I wear them only sometimes when I have to, because it's cold. Also, for those who don't know, I am vegetarian for seven years now. I hate the thought of eating something that once lived and was cute. My whole family (almost) is vegetarian, so it's pretty easy for me. It's so great to be vegetarian.
And I have to admit something: I don't use my closet and I have only few garments (which I wear) anyways. All my clothes are either on my rack or on the floor. But I am planning to improve that. So I am sorry for a) wearing all the same stuff over and over and b) not wearing shoes in so many outfit posts. I don't have enough shoes, but I am currently saving for a pair of Docs (Oh how much I love these shoes!). They look perfect with everything, but I still don't know if I should buy boots or mary janes... what do you think? I am really looking forward to them and how easy it'll be to choose shoes for an outfit now. When I am putting together a new outfit, it looks like this: First, I am like "Oh shit you need to post something". Most of the time, sometimes I am just in the mood for fashion. Then, I feel rather uninspired, so I'll search some blogs and tumblrs for my inspiration or so. Sometimes, I write some shit on my typewriter, which is incredibly inspiring. After that, I sat down right on the floor, in the middle of all my clothes, and pick something out. I am grabbing a top, holding it beneath all my skirts and pants and tights and socks, seeing what would look good together. This is how I put together outfits. I am not often wearing jewelery with it, mostly because it is to expensive and also too time-consuming (lazy people alert). But I love to mix collars with everything - I am wearing one almost everyday. I think many readers know that already. And now, I don't know what else I can tell you. Besides I want to be the girl in this picture.

So, I really hope you like my blog, I am thankful for all the cute comments and followers! I am so happy about positive response. Thank you all so much, each and every one of you! (Now leave a comment.)

Love you,


Jan 10, 2013

We all chase something and maybe this is a dream the timeless face of a rock and roll, even when you forget to feel.

Hello. Thank you for all the supercute comments I got for my last post! I am happy that you liked the pictures. 
Sorry for looking ugly in that picture - I am slightly sick currently. Usually, I take about six pictures and two of them are nice enough to post them - today, I made then pictures and not a single picture looked good. Anyways, my outfit. My Kennedy Space center top is thrifted and one of my favorite pieces at all. My goggly eyes tights are DIYed and unfortunately, a little bit broken, but I love them, though. My collared shirt is also thrifted. And I am wearing a necklace which you can't see, but it's from primark. 
This outfit is nothing spectacular, but I still love it. It's comfy and somehow badass. 

I today watched Freaks and Geeks for the first time. I fell in love. It's so incredibly amazing and those characters are so cool! I can relate to this show so much, I feel exactly the same way about school sometimes. 

Obviously, I have nothing exiting to tell you. So I'll stop now.

Hope you are all fine,


Jan 7, 2013

The world's in trouble, there's no communication and everyone can say what they want to say, it never gets better anyway so why should I care!

This is, seriously, the most beautiful picture of me ever. I really love it.

 Stop. Just stop being so boring.

I am not listening. Stay away.

  How much I hate it when anyone is taking pictures of me.

 So I am way too cool for you.

You are so ugly and boring, I could shit into your face. bitch.

reading Carla's zine because I don't care at all.

I took these pictures yesterday, and I really love them. I think they turned out pretty amazing, don't you think? I put on my black lipstick and argh how much I love it. The crown is DIYed, it originally was made for Maddie from Madalynne.com, but I sent her mine instead and now I am wearing this one. Anyways, I am proud of those pictures and of my camera.

I could not sleep yesterday. At eleven pm, I wrote a text about how awful school is on my typewriter. I seriously hate school at the moment - everything around you seems so extremely faked. It's like, you have to be happy all the time, but actually, you just want to cry. And it is utterly boring - the same stuff happens everyday, there is never something new. Get up in the early morning, and sit around all day long to count the minutes until the lesson is over. And then the next lesson starts. It's all so awful, I could throw up. Sorry for all this crying lately, and thank you so much for your lovely response. You guys are so incredibly lovely, I am so happy for every left comment!

So I have to go now, and yeah, I made it to post two days in a row! New year's resolution, ta-da.



Jan 6, 2013

The second star to the right, shines with a light that's rare and if it's Never Land you need its light will lead you there

My cat would like to say "hello" to you. She's beating my keyboard like crazy. 
My vein tights from Oasap finally arrived! It took way too long, they should have been here two weeks ago! But it was worth it - they are fitting perfectly, and they look so great (better than they do in the picture.). My tulle skirt is from my childhood, the shirt was a gift from a annoyed lady on a fleamarket, and all my buttons are either thrifted or DIYed. And I glued a flower on my face, because I am a faker. Sometimes I feel like I do not have ideas at all, so much stuff is just "inspirated" by other people. I mean, I do have ideas, but not everything DIYed by me or something is my idea. I feel kinda bad about telling you this. 
Anyways, I think this outfit is one of my favourites so far. 
School is starting tomorrow and I am spending my time with editing pictures on my computer until they look extremely ugly, with playing with my new ring, playing with my cat and with feeling sorry for myself because I hate school. School is exactly like it is shown in "freaks and geeks". Annoying people, weird teachers and only staring at the clock until the lesson is over. But maybe it is not that bad because I will see my friends again.

Closeup of the buttons and the tights... 

Rock am Ring, for all the not-germans, is a huge Festival here. 
The Kitten ring is new - isn't it adorable? It was on sale and there's a kitty wearing a crown on it - it couldn't be better. 

Another closeup of my Tavi badge. It is slightly broken, as I am wearing it, like, really often.

And I wore my favorite (aka only) lipstick. I feel so badass and rookie wearing it. Another closeup. 

Whatever. I made some supercool pictures today, I think I will upload them tomorrow. Well, that's all.

Hope you are having a lovely day,


Jan 4, 2013

There is a train that leaves the station heading for your destination, but the price you pay to nowhere has increased a dollar more.

Hey guys! Today I have got a little DIY for you. It's the biggest one so far. I had the idea in my mind ever since I saw these shoes at solestruck.com , covered completely in jewels. From this point, I was in love. But unfortunately, I am unable to afford them, being only a pupil without super rich parents. Thus, I immediately thought about DIYing them! I had some jewel stones left from the Dollar store, and some heels, too, so it was actually unavoidable. I am still not finished, as it is so much work, but here's the tutorial.

1. For your jeweled shoes, you will need: a pair of heels, obviously (I used a pair that was laying around in my room), acrylic paint (in a technicolor), super strong glue, about three small packages of jewel stones (you can get them at the dollar store for one buck, duh.), and tape.
2. Ready? Go! Tape your shoes like I did in the picture, so you have sharp edges without smudgy paint somewhere where it is not meant to be.
3. If there are any bows, pearls, whatever, on your heels, cut them off. It's impossible to bejewel them.
4. Paint your shoes red. Watch out that the shoe is completely covered in paint, then let it dry.
5. Glue all the jewels on, until you have covered every teeny-tiny spot. This will take hours, but don't let it discourage you - it is worth it, I swear.

You see, it is pretty easy, but very time-consuming. I hope you will try it, though!


I made a gif about it, actually, but it doesn't work?! Such a shame... I guess I just need some time to figure it out.

Anyways, I discovered Solestruck.com a few days ago, and I am just in love. It seems like everyone has known this page before me... stupid me. I especially love the shoes designed by Jeffrey Campbell - they are so incredibly perfect! Every single pair is just pure art. It's so sad, though, that those shoes are so ridiciously expensive - I mean, it starts at about 150 bucks? What the hell. I think I will save my money for a pair, though, as they are just amazing!

I have been nominated for "Liebster Award" by the way! Emily from Strong Punch did, she's so cute. I think I will post it soon.

Hope you are fine,


PS: for all those which wanted a zine, I will mail you tomorrow!

Jan 1, 2013

I wanna go to Brainville. Let's get in and be the first one on the block that does. They say it's the one thing everyone should have.

 Now this picture has nothing to do with New Year's Eve, I guess, but it is so beautiful.

Happy new year, lovely people! I hope 2012 was a good year for you, and I hope this year will get amazing. Let's talk a little bit about my version of last year (every blogger is doing that, I feel like that's kinda nice.)... My highlight last year was definitely starting this blog. I will wait till post one hundred, before talking about blogging and all this, but it was a awesome decision to make and I am proud of having found the courage to start this thing here. I am blogging for about half a year now, and I love it. My style has changed, become even weirder and I became a lot more confident. Another great thing was going camping with my friends. I have to smile everytime I think about it, as it was such an amazing time. I wrote about it here.
For this new year, I hope that my blog will grow, that everyone around me will be happy and that I will soon have enough money to buy Docs. Sounds like I am a shitty person. Okay, y'all, stay healthy and hopefully happy!
I spent New Year's Eve with my friends for the first time, and it was totally great. We had so much fun.

And because I do not like posts without a picture on my blog, here's a photo of me looking disgusting and wearing my favorite jumper, which I bought about three days ago. I love it, it's so comfy and the color is awesome, in my opinion. Usually, I rather don't like green, but I totally adore this shade. I have been searching for a similar one for ages, so happy I finally found it! It's from Vila, by the way.
Anyways, this is getting a weird shitty post, so I'll stop now. I will be back with a huge and beyond great DIY (which will hopefully work.. um.)