Sep 30, 2012

DIY Customized Jacket

Hey lovelies! First, welcome, my new followers! Thank you a bunch.
So, I went shopping today! I went to a fleamarket with two friends which are super cool and awesome, and I found absolutely amazing stuff. My favorite piece is is this jeans jacket, which I got from a super trouper fun old lady (She also selled white platform heels which were totally amazing.). It costed me about three bucks and fits almost perfectly! I've been dreaming of a customized jeans jacket for such a long time and today I found awesome buttons and fake flowers and stuff. This is my new favorite piece in my closet, I guess. (Well, everytime I get something new it's my favorite piece. cough.) It's so fall-ish: It's perfect for I-don't-give-a-shit-I-hate-this-cold-weather-days, you just need to throw it on and your done with today's styling. I think everyone should have a few pieces like this in his or her closet! I am really proud of how it came out. It looks pretty cool and rookie-esque, don't you think? So, lovelies, go to a fleamarket, go thrifting, and search etsy until you found a vintage jeans jacket! It's worth it. And it was so much fun decorating and customizing it. Enough of talking now, enjoy this DIY!

1. Supplies needed:  An old/vintage  jeans jacket, junk (meaning fake flowers, glitter, buttons & badges, studs, goggly eyes, patches, and random stuff.), scissors, needle and thread, a hot glue gun.
2. That's the fun part! Decorate and customize your jacket. You can glue goggly eyes on the buttons, sew fake flowers on, pin badges on, sew patches on, do whatever you want with your jacket! You can also paint it. This article shows you awesome ways to customize you jacket! Try to make the jacket be exactly you, meaning it should show your obsessions, passions, your style, and everything you like and who you are and want to be!

The nice thing is, you are actually never really done with your jacket. You can always add something!

Hope you liked this DIY! Let me know if you tried it and please send me a picture if you did. I would love to see your results.



PS: Sorry for not posting the past few days. I felt pretty uninspired...

Sep 26, 2012

Stay here, summer

Crown - DIYed
Necklace - thrifted
Blouse - H&M
Leggins - pieces

This outfit is my salute and goodbye to summer and spring. It is the most spring-esque outfit I own (and that I can think of) and I thought I should really say "bye" to summer now, but I wanted to do it with a big bang. So I decided to wear this outfit today. It felt great to see all these people looking at my legs.

I had an awesome day today. YAY. Remember the casting for a musical I talked about way back in July? Well, at first I was told I was a background dancer. I was pretty disappointed as I expected to get a bigger role. BUT today some super nice people came to me ( the director team of the musical, actually)  and told me I will be starring in the play! I mean, that's to good to be true, isn't it? I was so exited! I even have to sing a song (well, a big part of a song, a duet, basically.) I am so looking forward to it!

Also, I am currently working on a flowered dress. I hope I will finally have time to actually sew it!

Hope you had a wonderful, amazing, awesome Wednesday!


Sep 24, 2012

Morning moon

"Roses are red, violets give luck, so go shit your face cuz I don't give a fuck."

Hey lovelies. I hate mondays. Sorry, I don't want to bring my oh-so-many readers (hello, not? Sarcasm, my friends, is in the air.) down, but today was awful. At first, there was school. And the whole day was ruined. Fortunately, I spent the rest of the afternoon with my best buddy, which kinda made my day. However, I had dancing lessons in the evening. And it was so hard. It's sort of embarrassing, but I almost cried because I was so pissed off. I'm feeling really sick now. Really, really sick. And last but not least I had to walk through cold rain. I felt like winter. It was cold and wet and I kind of hate fall now. It was raining cats and dogs and it was awful. See, I had a totally awesome day... not

Again, I am sorry for telling you this stuff. I hope your day was better. 

I will now spend the evening with chocolate and tea and my lovely cat. I hope this will make my day.



Sep 23, 2012

Childhood love

These are, as promised, the pictures from a shoot with my best friend a few days ago. It was really fun. We know each other since we were together in the kindergarten and even earlier. So she's my childhood love, basically :)) She's always there for me when I need her, and I will always be there when she's in need. She knows EVERYTHING about me and I will love her forever. She has the best advice ever and she helped me in so many weird and sad moments. I think it's a gift to have a friend like her.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ( better than mine, which was full of food and complaining about teenagers nowadays...)


Sep 19, 2012

Adventures in layering

Yesterday's outfit. Layering YAY! This is my first week of school, and I'm already sick of it. Well. I am wearing a H&M jumper, a thrifted blouse, a primark dress, my loved chelsea boots and DIYed frilly lace socks. 
This is one of these days where I've got simply nothing to tell. So...
I am sorry for leaving you alone for the past few days. I did a little photoshoot with my best friend yesterday, you will see the pictures soon. Yeah...

Love you,


Sep 16, 2012

DIY frilly lace socks

For today's outfit, I needed my frilly lace socks. I was used to own a pair of frilly socks, but somehow I lost them. I just couldn't find them. What I found was a pair of elastic lace tights. I rarely wear them, so I decided to turn them into lace socks. As they are elastic, there's a cute edge now. Maybe there are some people with some lace tights left to DIY.
I love frilly lace socks! They are so cute but still casual. I especially love the way they look with Ked's or Saddle shoes! How do you like them?

Supplies: elastic lace tights, scissors and a sewing machine.
1. Draw a line where you want your socks to end.
2. Cut them off.
3. Hem the upper edge. Make sure to leave space between the upper edge and the actual seam to make them frilly.
4. You are done! I hope you like your lace socks!

I hope you like this DIY.



Sep 15, 2012

You make loving fun

Exiting news! Well...
I made my first zine ever. It was so much fun designing the pages! I spent the whole day with my radio on making the zine, and I think it turned out quite cool. I love writing and drawing random stuff, so zine-making is basically perfect. I wonder why I never did this before. I've got so many obsessions and ideas to fill pages. My first zine is about Tavi Gevinson. She's my idol and the most awesome person I could ever think of. She is so inspiring. Together with her awesome online magazine, she helped me through hard times and made me more self-confident. Tavi rules.

I don't have to explain anything, I guess. You can read the pages. ( Sorry for the second and third image, I don't know why they are the wrong way round.) How do like my zine?



Sep 13, 2012

Blue suede shoes

Thrifting ALERT!  I went trough a bunch of clothes from my best friend which she was going to throw
in the garbage and I was like "NO!" and found some awesome pieces which you can see above. I also found a few other awesome garments which I have to DIY before I show them.  I will also stud the shoulders of the denim tee.

More exiting news (well, not.) : Today was my first day of school. I am in tenth grade now (wow that sounds quite cool) and I am totally okay with school at the moment. People are nice, teachers are nice, life's nice. I will make a typical outfit post about the first day.. or week soon. I planned my outfit for weeks and I was SO looking forward to wear it 'cause it was so cool. However, it was way too cold to wear it today! I was pretty pissed of. Whatever... it was still pretty nice today.

Hope you had a wonderful day,


Sep 12, 2012

Documenta 2012

Haha. fun! :DD

That was a drawing I tried to take a picture of, and that's how it turned out. 

A room full of pictures.

The plane consists of small planes which consist of even smaller planes. 

This was the most awesome piece of art I've ever seen. It was a room full of sound and pictures and light and darkness. It was very intensive.

No art. There will be a special outfit post for this one.

We visited the Documenta exhibition in Kassel. I can't tell how awesome it was. Kassel is such an awesome city! And the art pieces were just AMAZING. You can see a few above. So, if you have the chance to go there, definitely do. It's worth it.