Oct 31, 2012

A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Hey my loves! All those pictures were shot today, I am currently at the North sea with my family. We will spend our vacation here. I've been here quite often, about four times, so I have so many memories, childhood and stuff. It is so incredibly beautiful here - the landscape is totally amazing. In the next few days, you will see many more pictures from here. If you will ever make your way to Germany, GO TO THE NORTH SEA. It's awesome.



Oct 28, 2012

Chewing chewing chewing

Hey lovelies. Like so many times, Rookie made my day. They introduced me to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which is SO AMAZING. As halloween's coming soon, her creepy style is so inspirational. Her style is really kawaii, a mix of girly, cute and creepy stuff - everything I love! Could it be even better?
She started her carrier as a fashion blogger (like us) and is now a singer and a model. She had so may different hair colors, hair styles and she rocked every look. Kyara is so amazing and colourful!
She was my inspiration for day's outfit. The Dr. Martens are missing, I know. I really need to get a pair of them!

Crown - DIYed
Collar - thrifted
Tulle skirt - DIYed
Book Bag - DIYed
goggly eyes tights - DIYed

Sorry for my super stupid face. (Remember the Lightnight I talked about last time? A super stupid lil' boy hit me with a snow ball right in my face. On my eye. And now it's red and swollen and I look so weird... Besides that, the Lightnight was super awesome. I met so many amazing people and we had so much fun. If one of you is reading this, thank you for this awesome time.) 
I actually made a behive and it looked so cool, but you cannot see it. Also, this collage is sorta ugly, but I am so tired and not really motivated.
I wore my goggly eyes tights because I think they add a creepy touch to the whole thing, and I don't have shoes for this outfit but whatever.
I put together an outfit inspired of her...

Shoes - Dr. Martens
Watch - Asos
Tulle skirt - Etsy
bow- Etsy
Tee - Asos
Blouse - Oasap

I need Dr. Martens. Right. Now.

So, how was your weekend? What do you think about Kyara Pamyu Pamyu? 

Hope your weekend was amazing,


Oct 26, 2012

Why are you a monster?

collar - thrifted
Sweater - thrifted
pants - Only, last year ( they have huge holes in the knee area and my dad wants me to throw them away...)
Shoes - asos
Spock pin - DIYed
Hey guys. How are you? My day was pretty awesome, because we had no school (well, not really, there just weren't any lessons) and I ate a lot and jerked around and it was cool. Also, I am totally fascinated by black lipstick currently - it just adds a witchy and badass touch to every outfit. I need to get a dark plum color. I should wear it everyday. I kinda like this outfit, it looks weird and I feel like extra territory, because of my Spock badge! I made it with Marlena's tutorial about two month ago and I love it, I am feeling so awesome when I am saying "Fascinating..." whilst wearing this pin. Can you tell I am a Star Trek maniac? :) 
I am off now, dance classes and stuff. I will be in town tomorrow, to a wonderful party called "Lichternacht", which means that there are TONS of tiny candles everywhere in town and it's so beautiful and romantic! You will see some awesome pictures soon.
Hope your day was amazing,

 these are the badges I made with my best buddy. I am wearing the Spock pin :)

Oct 23, 2012

Loose it, use it, boogie

Oh hey my loves. Sorry for those days full of not-posting anything. But hey, how are you guys? I spent a lovely weekend with friends and family. I felt very creative on Saturday, and you can see the results above. My friend an me made two beautiful ( both totally different from each other, but both awesome) shrines about "Dia de los muertos". We made skulls and painted them and they all turned out beautiful. We also made a tulle skirt ( Yeah, I love tulle...) with Marlena's awesome tutorial for Rookie, and it was easy and amazing. I felt so magical the whole evening. This tulle skirt was really missing in my closet! I also slime - painted my nails after a Rookie tutorial and I think it turned out quite cool! It's so spooky!
Also, I am currently working on a video. I was so inspired by Carla today!
My tulle oufit is one of my favorite outfits right now. The crown is DIYed, as is the tulle skirt (see the tutorial here) and both the collar and the shirt is thrifted. And the shoes are a gift from a friend. Oh wow, I am just realizing that my outfit was free. And looks quite cool, I guess. How do you like it?
Sorry, this was a rather random post. Whatever...

Love you,


awesome collage found in the depth of tumblr.

Oct 19, 2012

Obsession: Tulle

images found on rookie and tumblr, collaged by me

Tulle is awesome. I forgot about my love for tulle for a long time, but when Rookie's monthly issue was "Drama" recently, I immediately thought of tulle and searched everywhere for my tulle skirt ( it unfortunately isn't as beautiful as I thought it was, but hey, it's still tulle and awesome! ) and finally found it. Tulle is pure Drama, Girlyness, and Beauty. It is oh-so-fluffy.
Tulle really reminds me of candy! Everytime I see a tulle skirt, I think of so many awesome ways to combine it - Candy necklaces, candy bracelets, my Alice-in-Wonderland-ring from last post, pastel-colored tights... Marshmellow-colored tulle, pink tulle, mint tulle. I want Candy! When I am wearing something tulle, I feel magical. Somehow... like a magician, a unicorn, like a marshmellow (oh wow. That was weird. Whatever...). It just feels good! And really Rookie-esque. Marlena wrote an awesome tutorial on how to make your own tulle skirt and it's so easy and totally awesome. She combined her skirt with a skeleton top. Did you hear me skeleton top. Thus, there are two ways (which I know) to combine a tulle skirt (or dress.)
  • Candy and girly and fluffy
  • Witchy and badass
Witchy and badass means, like, biker boots or Dr. Martens with tulle, Vintage Harley Davidson tees (seriously, Vintage Harley Davidson tees are the best thing ever. Search for some old ones, or a rock band fan tee, because there's nothing better. ), studs, a dog collar. I love combining stuff in a weird way - studs and lace, flowers and Dr. Martens, or tulle and badass garments! What I don't mean is black tulle, which is totally different from that (I like pastel tulle better, to be honest. (:  ) .
Anyways, tulle looks totally awesome. I put together a few outfits with tulle skirts for you, I hope you like them!

Jumper - oasap
dress - chicwish
shoes - asos
ring - topshop
bracelet - topshop

skirt - chicwish
Nirvana tee - etsy
Spiked denim jacket - topshop
skull earrings - topshop
ring - topshop
awesome shoes - Dr. Martens

( Topshop, seriously, offers the most awesome jewelery ever. )
I need those shoes - they go with everything and look more than amazing.

Dress - chicwish
Denim vest - etsy
ring - asos
Glitter skull (got that?! Glitter and skulls!) shoes  - oasap

This outfit is rather elegant. And awesome. Those shoes are so freakin' perfect! They are both glittery and studded, so what could be better?

So, how do you like those outfits? I need to get a few of those garments... I actually bough some tulle today to make a tulle skirt like Marlena's tutorial (which is so awesome!) and I am totally looking forward to this! I hope it will turn out as beautiful as hers.



Oct 16, 2012

I made you a CD, but I ate it!

A cute ring I bought. It kinda reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland"!

I love this backpack! It's huge and I feel like a turtle when I am wearing it. It is a vintage and totally army-esque. I love it.

Hey cuties. The past few days were really tough but still fun! I was out and about the whole weekend, and when I came back home on Sunday, there was a letter waiting for me! Carla from Redpunzel (hey you!) sent me her zine! Seriously, it is the most awesome thing I own! It's named "How to be weird" and WAH. I totally freaked out when I saw it, it is oh-so-beautiful! It's my "bible for my back pocket". Thank you, Carla, YOU RULE.

I was on a fleamarket on Sunday with two friends, and it was really cool. You can see my finds above (and I also bought a patch of the Olympics from 1952! Totally Amazing, huh? ) Well, we had an awesome day together. Jana bought a Polaroid Camera - and it actually worked! We totally freaked out, basically. We made two beautiful pictures!

Today isn't as nice - I am sick. I have been suffering from a cold for the past two weeks, but now my belly hurts and everything else, too. So I am staying at home today. I am watching movies and will craft later (maybe another zine? ) and also play the piano (as if, haha.)

Have a wonderful day.


PS: Also, Rookie will send a Get-well-soon-card for Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year old blogger activist which was shot by the Taleban. Please take part and support this awesome girl! Read more here (there's a reddish box.)

Oct 9, 2012

DIY goggly eyes tights

Hey lovelies! Welcome new followers, thank you so much. Today I've got a nice little DIY for you. I love creepy tights and leggins at the moment - and today my best buddy ( here's a photoshoot with her!) came up with the idea of glueing goggly eyes on tights! Genious, huh? I was like, okay, let's do that, now. Unfortunately, a few eyes fell off a couple of hours later, but I fixed them again. So, to make these tights stay forever, use super strong glue.

1. Supplies: Black tights, goggly eyes, (strong) glue.
2. Glue the eyes on. Use a hairspray can like you can see in the picture. You can arrange them randomly all over the tights, or just a line on the side, like I did!

Yay done! That was difficult, huh? ( Sarcasm in the air, my friends!) This is a very easy DIY, completed in a few minutes, and I think it turned out totally great! It is creepy and freaky and awesome at the same time. I will make an outfit post soon! How do you like it? Will you try it?



Oct 7, 2012

Rastafari vibration


Her journal. Totally amazing, isn't it?

Hey my loves, sorry for not posting such a long time. I felt pretty uninspired. But hey, here I am, so... yay.
Anyways, yesterday was totally awesome. I spent the day with two friends (hey to you, if you are reading this) which are amazing. They are completely hippie and they just rule. They both are so freaking pretty, I cannot even tell! We took about a million pictures, listened to some reggae, jammed a bit, painted ourselves and danced around (sounds wonderful, huh?) . It was so much fun! They are so freakin' awesome and funny and hippie, and so cute and adorable and stuff! (Also, they were wearing the coolest trousers ever. ) We are planning a lot of stuff to do together - fleamarkets, partys, festivals, crafternoons, and building a swing to fly into the sky. I am so looking forward to meet them again!

Next week will be really busy. There's a bunch of stuff to do for school, I will send a zine to Carla and will make a flower crown for Maddie from Madalynne (I am so flattered to trade with them, they are so awesome!), and the weekend will be the busiest weekend ever. There's a party on Friday, dance classes on Saturday, a sleepover, more dance classes on Sunday and a fleamarket in the afternoon. Busy busy busy. So, don't be mad at me, I won't be posting next weekend. But on Monday, there'll be a HUGE post about my fleamarket finds! Promised.

Well, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!



Also, listen to this awesome concert. BOB MARLEY YAY!