Mar 10, 2014

Across the clouds I see my shadow fly out of the corner of my watering eye, a dream unthreatened by the morning light could blow this soul right through the roof of the night.

Hey babes! I bet you're all so tired of my apologies for the lack of posting in the past few months (I can't believe it has been months!), so I won't apologize anymore. I just will blog whenever I have some time, or even when I don't. Blogging was such a big part of me and I don't want that part to get lost somewhere in the journey of growing up. I won't write anything like "I promise to blog again soon" because I feel like in my mind it always changes into "Naw you don't have time to blog.". Anyways, here I am, back in the awesome, amazingly dangerous thing they call the world wide web. I feel like I felt when David Bowie published a new Album last year - I feel like Major Tom's back, but not as a junkie but as a  hero.
This is also my first post ever with a 8tracks playlist included. Usually, I just listen to all kinds of 8tracks mixes but I never made one by myself. This one's pretty short, but it includes a few of the best songs ever written. I'm especially in love with the Imgagine Cover and Learning to fly by Pink Floyd.

( I just couldn't figure out how to put the widget in here so at last the link!)
Okay, as this was originally meant to be a fashion blog, I'll talk about my outfit. Eh, sorry for the cat face. My face looked so horrible in all those pictures, my skin looked like I will throw up the next second and my expression was so awkward, haha! Anyways, I discovered those shoes in the basement yesterday - I completely forgot about them. The dress is handmade, it's dark green velvet and I love it. The blouse is thrifted, I love the cute lace collar! And the button is Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks, you can buy it in my  Etsy. However, most important, is what I'm not wearing. Tights! It's getting spring! It's so warm here, I literally spent the whole afternoon outside with my best friend which was so lovely and relaxing. Finally feeling the hot sun on your skin again is such a relief and like medicine for my soul. It's amazing how the sun can make you happy just by being there! I hope it's going to be warm enough soon to wear all my clothes and shorts again.

In other news: I read the Virgin Suicides! I can't even tell you how awesome it is. It's one of the best books I've ever read, if not the best. The language is so precise and dreamy, and the story is so tragic, it always makes me cry. I re-watched the movie, too, and it was even better than the first time I watched it, as I noticed so many more details. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. It's so dreamy and touching.

Inspired by the book, I made some badges which I sell on my Etsy. There's also a super cool Frida Brooch, you can purchase them here -->Mary the Freak on Etsy

Now to something completely different: In the comment section, someone told me having dreadlocks as a white girl or calling my hair dreadlocks is cultural appropriation. I've talked with some internet friends about it, we had a great discussion. I've come to this conclusion:
First of all, I've educated myself about the topic and I still don't regret having dreadlocks. The term "Dreadlocks" originates from the matted hair black slaves brought from africa had when they arrived in the U.S. where the whites called their hair "dreadful". The blacks decided to leave her hair like that to protest in a quite silent way, obviously, against the white imperialism and capitalism. Now, if these things are their reasons, is there any reason just because I'm white I should agree with imperialism and capitalism? No. I don't. I believe that just because I'm white, I can still agree with the opinion of the first dreadheads. Why should that be wrong? I also think claiming that "Whites should not have dreads" is ridiculous. There's not such a thing as a white or a black hairstyle, neither should there be one. So I'm a white girl with dreads and I don't regret it and I'm utterly happy with my hair.  Just to explain my choice to you, the last thing I want is to seem ignorant.

Okay, it felt awesome to finally write a post again. I'm actually smiling right now, not even kidding, haha. 
I hope you still read my blog and still like my posts, dear followers. You're the backbone of this project and I wanna thank you SO MUCH for supporting me and still reading this post although this blog seemed to go offline (what a horrible thought!)

Lots of love,