Oct 29, 2013

Somewhere down where streets are ending, down the road of no return, we will meet where hearts are mending in a room where voices burn.

 Holidays are awesome. I am so happy I finally found time to take some pictures again! I was in a ~creative rush~ today so I got out my hot glue gun and made that jacket more interesting. Although I love the bad grrl vibes of a black leather jacket, I never wore mine - it was just too black and shiny for me. But I cut some letters out of an old pair of jeans and glued them on the back of the jacket. Ain't I artsy. Anyways! I am also wearing thrifted mom jeans which are cozy and warm and nice. The shirt is DIYed, the sunglasses are thrifted and the bracelets have been collected from everywhere during the summer. The socks are from Spain and the shoes from Vancouver, Canada. That's kinda crazy. I am basically wearing stuff from all over the world. Well that's cool!

I guess I just felt really inspired today. Lovely Sophie sent me her amazing zineand I read all the zines I own again. I kinda almost forgot how much fun Zines are. Reading the Zines I made about a year ago is also really funny and weird, it's strange to realize how much you have changed since making that Zine. I have been feeling pretty disoriented lately. I don't read ROOKIE as much as I used to, and I feel like I kinda lost the thing I have identified with. As much as I am struggling to just do what I want without putting myself into one special subculture, it does not really seem to work. The more I am trying to be myself, the more I try to fit into one subculture. Isn't that weird? Definitely. But well, that's what teenagehood's about, I guess. That's gonna be my excuse forever, like, I'm gonna be searching until I look like an old pumpkin.

Pumpkin! Halloween's coming. Although I have never been a fan of that Halloween stuff, I love the creepy yet cozy atmosphere in fallI made up a little photo set today and made my sister modelling for these pictures. I will upload them on Thursday!



Oct 16, 2013

See, these eyes so green, I can stare for a thousand years, colder than the moon, it's been so long and I've been putting out fire with gasoline.

Hey gals!
Another time you had to wait quite a long time. School keeps me busy! It's kinda hard and exhausting, but until now, it's fun sometimes. But I'm really tired all the time. Besides school, I've been having a wonderful time! My boyfriend and I saw a musical last weekend, and it was just SO GREAT. I've been getting more and more into musicals lately. 
Another thing that fascinates me is the Hippie culture. Do you still remember me saying I have been feeling hippie vibes back in early summer this year? As I often had such periods of loving a special subculture, I thought that fascination would be gone by the end of this summer, but actually, it got more ~intense~. I have been reading a lot about Hippies, about nature in general. As a child, I was almost always outside, but getting older that somehow changed. Lately I have been getting back to that in a certain way. As you may know, I have been a vegetarian since seven years and it means really much to me - there are just so many reasons. I'm reading a book currently called "Peace food", which is about meat and dairy products making you sick and it's so interesting and I'll go to be vegan soon. To me, it's just a logical consequence of thinking. Life begins with food, shouldn't we think more about it? What we eat is basically what we constist of! There are just so many people not thinking about that.
Okay enough of that rambling.
I am wearing...
super super super cool shoes my sister gave me for that outfit! They are see-through and really utterly     awesome. And socks from Primark which I bought that summer, I love those, I think they look really funny. I'm also wearing my vein tights which you certainly know already. The skirt is also from Primark, and although I hate the conditions how they produce their clothes, I wear it a lot. I also re-discovered my Rookie tee and love wearing it lately. The shirt (you can only see the collar) is thrifted, and the buttons are homemade. I think it all matches really well, think I'm going to wear that more often. 
Hope you like it!
There'll be a exiting post for me up soon.

Love and Peace!!


PS: If there are any language mistakes in here, please don't be mad at me. It's late and I'm tired.

Oct 3, 2013

Paint splashes across your cheeks, never have a doubt that life isn’t sweet. Open arms and and open mind cause you to fly, just like the knowing sun we were so high, we were so high, so high...

Hello fellow human beings. Nice to talk to you again. It's been quite long. School already seems like it's right in the middle of the year, although it's only been three weeks. I have to study a lot (I never did so before, so I always feel really ~bright~ when I go to school and have actually did something for school at home, haha. But, actually, school's pretty okay at the moment! Quite exhausting, but nice. In the german school system, a lot changes when you go to 11th grade, so quite a few things are new and exiting. I can't believe I'll be done with school in two years. I always think I am supposed to be all grown-up and to feel like an adult but I totally don't. I mean, I'll be happy when school's over, but man I was eleven yesterday and I thought sixth grade would last forever.
Anyways! I have been on a fleamarket today, sold and bought some stuff. I'll post my new items another time. I had a super cool day, although I had to get up at 5:30 am. Can you believe that?
Okay so here's an outfit I wore recently. It's really witchy, I guess! I am wearing my Pink Floyd dress, tied up, over a violet velvet dress from my childhood. It seems ridiculously small but fits me, which is kinda scary. The badges I am wearing are DIYed and you can buy similar ones here. The platform shoes are from asos, I bought them about a year ago, I guess? They are actually to small, but hey, they look good (I still don't wear them as much as I used to - I love my Doc Martens and my Converse way too much to ever wear any other shoes). The sequined collar was a gift from Britney! I love it, it's so ~sparkly~ (imagine me doing some spirit fingers here). There's a goggly eye on my forehead, black lipstick on my lips and a lot of witchiness in my head sometimes. The bracelets are reminders and souvenirs of the beautiful summer this year, everyone resembles another cool thing I did. My sister took the pictures, and I don't have a clue what she did that the last picture is that blurred and foggy, but it looks kinda cool, I think.
Speaking of taking pictures! I took some pictures with a really old disposable camera throughout the summer, and I'm very exited how they'll turn out. I did know exactly nothing about how that works, you know, so I just took pictures and I'm afrain they're all blurred or to bright or whatever, but as I can't remember of what I took pictures, I'm still extremly exited and looking forward to seeing them.
Well, hope you enjoy these pictures and like my outfit!

Lots of love,