Aug 31, 2012

Being magic

Hey my loves. These are rather random pictures... my best friend is staying at my place and last night, we painted ourselves with glitter and we crafted and glittered and listened to music and felt magical! Glitter power!

Have a wonderful day,


Aug 30, 2012

All the leaves are white

Blouse - thrifted

I went thrifting today with my friend, which is staying at my place for the next few days. I found this awesome blouse for about fifty cents! It looks like a blouse from the late seventies, I guess. How do 'ya like it?

Hope you had a awesome day,


Aug 28, 2012

Hang on, Buddy!

when we rode this one, I was all like "Spock, save me!" and "If I get hurt, Beverly crusher, please help me!"



Yo, I did this! How badass.

look at me, doing my supercool spock pose :)

This one was named ENTERPRISE!

It's my lil' sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday, cutie! Thank you for being a super cute sister, for being nice and yelling at me (cough, very nice, cough), and for always reminding me of us two being super cool sisters! She turned eleven and we spent the whole day in Freizeitland Geiselwind, which was so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful day!


PS: These are pictures from my daddy's and my sister's cameras, as my camera is pretty much... bad. But - big but - I will buy a reflex camera soon! I will name her Norbert. Yay.

Aug 27, 2012


building up our tents



throwing espandrillos in the air, as high as possible

 more jumping pictures.

 super cute messages on pizza boxes! Yeah, us brave outdoor guys... cough.

 everyday is bonfire day!
(you should have seen our marshmallows. they were black.)

we'll never sleep!

These are the pictures of us beautiful eight ladies, camping four days. Alone without parents. Those few days were one of the best days of my life. It was so much fun with you rad, crazy people!
So guys, let's party-smarty!


Aug 21, 2012

The way summer holidays should be spent

My friends and I will go camping for four days. Now. Alone. Without parents. With a lot of instant meals.
We'll camp right next to a lake, which is awesome, 'cause it is unbelievably hot here. We'll have bonfire evenings all day, all night and we'll eat marshmallows until we... 'ya know.
We'll be like supercool, awesome girls which are laughing all day and are magic. Maybe. I am really really really looking forward to camping ( I've got a confession to make. I've never been camping before. How awful!), especially for marshmallows!
We'll be eight girls, alone, without parents, doing awesome stuff all day long. YAY! We'll make summer last FOREVER! 

Have a wonderful day, 

(The bad thing is, I won't be blogging for the next four days. Sorry.)

Aug 20, 2012

DIY Feather necklace

Hey, lovelies. I recently made a necklace with my best buddy, you may have seen it here before. It took quite long, but was very easy and I think it came out great. I was inspired by a wonderful feather necklace seen on Etsy in the beautiful shop Rouge Pony. Hope you like this DIY!

1. You'll need: feathers, I needed about twelve, a elastic bracelet like mine, wooden pearls, superglue, a leather string and a Pearl Maker ( available in craft stores, but if you don't have one, it's no problem. You can simply glue pearls on, but this will take way longer)

2. Cut the elastic bracelet so it's no longer a ring. Then pearl it. Use your pearl maker to cover it completely in pearls. If you don't have one, glue pearls on.

3. That's the fun part. Get your best friend ready, and then paint the wooden pearls. Use different prints, you could paint a globe, or stripes, or dots, whatever you want. Then you put the pearls on the end of the feathers, to be seen in the picture. Arrange the feathers along the band.

4. Glue the feathers on. I recommend using superglue, as neither strong tape nor hot glue will work, trust me. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory: Take your leather band, string, whatever and glue it on both ends. Remember, it has to be long enough! It would be great if you have a breech to close your necklace, but it will also work without it. If the leather band is to long, simply tie it. 

5. Yay you're done! 

Have fun with your new bohemian-flair necklace!

Hope your day will be wonderful, 


Aug 18, 2012

DIY ice cream crop top

Hi, lovelies, here is a brand new and very easy DIY for you which you basically can do in about ten minutes. I saw a nice sweater like this on topshop, but I couldn't buy it because it wasn't available, so I decided to DIY it. 
1. You'll need a sheet of ironing-on paper, a pink sweater ( mine was thrifted! ), scissors. 
2. Cut the sweater off!
3. Draw a ice cream cone with ice cream on the paper.
4. Following the instructions, iron on your cone.
5. Yay you're done! I love this sweater and I think, I will wear it a lot!

Hope you all have a great day, 

Aug 17, 2012

The same procedure as every year, Ms. Sophie?

Fall trends 

I hate hate hate to admit it, but summer is almost over. The last few weeks felt like fall, anyways, but luckily, it is hot now for the rest of my summer break so I finally get the chance to wear all my dresses and shorts over and over. So, let's enjoy the sunny moments and soak up as much sun as you can. But Fall will come and you will be a stylish girl, so I summed up a few of the fall trends. Which are (in case of Marc 'o Polo and some others) basically the same as every year. Be optimistic: you can wear all the old stuff. But luckily, there are some rad, wonderful Designers and trends to lead us through fall more trendy and badass. 


As every year, the fall clothes are not half as colorful as the summer ones. Blue and brown (and some red) at Marc 'o Polo and Hilfiger. The designers seemed to be a little bit sick of this, though, so they added some colors in their collections. Gold would be important. And red also, like last year. And, to add a dramatic glamour vibe, diamonds are a must! This would be the designers color story. Being a normal girl and not having just thousand dollars left to buy a Dolce & Gabbana coat, black and grey are important for fall. 


This maybe is the most important point this year.

1. Leather ( for a gothic vibe)

2. Tweed ( for a british vibe)

3. Silk ( for an asian vibe)

But this year, it isn't only like a silk top, a tweed shorts or a leather coat- It is a mix of every fabric. A tweed and leather biker jacket, or a silk and leather crop ( I really like that). 

Studs are also a good way to make a outfit a little more badass. Summer, with all the pastel colors and ice cream, is over! (That's a trend. I will love pastel colors forever.) Beside Studs, Embroidery gets a new meaning and is no longer only made for hippies and vintage lovers, but for eccentric, extravagant baroque queens (Dolce & Gabbana). 

Patterns are also important. Baroque prints or Paisley or Asian prints - the more, the better!  Sixties prints (are great and a must have. Prada and many others created real costumes, with both pants and blazers. Which brings us to... 
Twin Sets! Maddie from Madalynne wrote about them and found the perfect words. They were a summer trend, too, but we just have to get the cute garments into fall fashion. 


Boyfriend style is a huge trend for quite a while now, but it changed decades this fall. It's almost always the same: Trend + Trend = New Trend. This time, the "Golden Twenties" were combined with Boyfriend style. And it looks totally awesome! That's a fall trend which I really like. I tell you why: In summer, I am very girly and wear dresses and pink all over, but when it gets colder, I almost only wear boy stuff. I've got a confession to make: I am shopping in the men's department. Their clothes are so much cozier! But only in Winter, of course.

Asos, luckily, features a whole collection of boyfriend stuff. Get it here.


Since the white collection from Acne, white is a huge trend. This fall, the pure and simple designs are also available in black. Remember: Pure means pure. Do not destroy these futuristic looks with too much jewelery.

Peplum stuff and bracelet from asos, Bomber and Coat from Topshop.


You could already see and feel this trend in summer, but now, with the fall color story, it gets much darker. It is all about baroque queens and princesses, about embroidery and overloading. But it also got a Upgrade: The overloading scheme was transformated through a time machine right into... the Sixties! Big Sixties patterns are printed on shorts, trousers, blazers, basically everything. Prada and Dolce & Gabbana styled it perfectly.

Dress from topshop, rest from Asos.
This trend isn't made for everybody but for eccentric, stylish women. Many eyebrows will be raised when you are dressed this way but you know for sure YOU ARE THE MOST STYLISH WOMEN HERE.

I will discover more fall trends in the next months, but these are the most important for fall 2012. I hoped you liked it.

Have a wonderful day, Mary

PS: You should know that I worked three hours for this post. So please read it. :DD

Aug 16, 2012

Don't stop.

My latest obsession are socks. How can I resist. Socks are perfect for the end of summer. You can style socks like a classic School girl with a plaid skirt or dress, which certainly would look awesome. But socks also offer a more high-fashion way to wear them: Since this year socks worn in heels are no longer a no-go but a must-have trend. I really like it, especially when the socks are printed like these. So Socks all over the world, gather and struggle for fairness! No longer hidden in shoes but a awesome fashion statement! YAY!

Forever 21

While the socks from F 21 are rather funny and playful, the socks from Asos are perfect for the schoolgirl style, which is again perfect for fall. Imagine those Asos socks in Oxfords! 

Have a nice day, Mary

It's red, Baby

Shopping! I finally got the shoes I've been dreaming of for half a year. They always were way too expensive, but as I made my way to PRIMARK ( you heard me right. I was really looking forward to it and I got some awesome new pieces!) and I bought them for twenty dollars. And I love them, they are so comfortable and red and awesome. Fuck yeah!

Have a wonderful day,


Aug 14, 2012

DIY Bone sneakers

Here's the tutorial for my bone sneakers, as promised.
1. You'll need a pair of sneakers ( Ked's would be great), acrylic or fabric paint.
2. Paint the shoes all black. Remember to put out the laces as you don't want them to get black.
3. Allow it to dry, then paint pink, green and yellow bones along the shoe sole. Let it dry and you are done! Have fun with these crazy rad sneakers!

Aug 13, 2012

Once upon a time

THRIFTING! I went through a bunch of clothes (which were to be thrown away) from a friend and I found some absolutely awesome pieces. They all are from before 1989. The first one, the blouse, is so cute with the bow and the candy color! But the item I love most are the flowered pants. I mean, they are AWESOME, don't you think? The other garments too are amazing, though. And the best part is, it costed me absolutely nothing. Man, how I love it!

Have a nice day, Mary