Jan 14, 2014

I'm leaving everything behind except my mind and my valentine if I got time, gonna go to some redneck town where they hold class in the middle of the night. If my school had burned to the ground, I would've gotten smarter sooner and you know that's right!

Life's confusing lately. My world view is slightly upset, as is everything in my mind. It's like a million of songs all played at the same time in my head, it's crazy. It's partly because of missing being creative. Not being able to make art drives me crazy. I feel like a completely different person without my creativity which seems to disappear covered up by the immense amount of work I have to do. Also Flower put something in words which I couldn't:
It's almost impossible for me to blog in the way I used to because my perception of the world has altered so drastically in the last few months and I'm not really the same person I used to be, something which seems, by turns, logical and confusing. 
This sums up everything in a great way. It's really weird. 

Jesus, I sound way to depressive here. I'm sorry  - originally this was meant to be a fashion blog, now it's just, like, the life of a teen who struggles with identity. 


Actually, if I don't think too much (I usually don't because of the lack of time, as sad as it sounds), life's okay. I have absolutely NO motivation concerning school, but I'm planning my summer and I sleep a lot. I also listen to a lot of awesome music (8tracks is becoming my best friend).
I'm wearing a dress I bought a few weeks ago, it's from Primark and has the cutest daisy print ever! It's also really cozy. The giant shirt is from a fleamarket, or from the thrift shop, I guess? I have no idea. Anyways, the overknees were given to me by my mother, and the shoes are from Canada. They used to be white, can you even believe that? I compared them to a brand-new pair of white chucks recently and it was like, night and day, haha.

Well, I have some good news for all of you lovely followers! Here's my late new-year-resolution:
To blog at least 4 times a month. Let's see how it works.