Jun 25, 2013

We got our boards out and we get in our suits and then we saw a man who carried many fruits, the man of many fruits kinda smelled like cheese and had tattoos of gay horses on his knees.

 Hello human beings (and cats who can use a computer, if you are one of those, marry me I'll give you lots of love and food). Live has been passing by so fast lately. The past few weeks have been great, though. I went to a festival with my friends, which was amazing but not like a real festival, rather a-small-town-trying-to-be-great-festival. Anyways. There are a few things to tell you. First of all, I am actually going to Prom on Friday. I am utterly exited already! And afraid, because I ordered shoes on the internet and they are beautiful, but too large and the heel is 2" higher than it was written in the description! So it's really hard to walk in those shoes.
Second, I'll make another zine! It will be about being sassy, and actually, it would be great if some of you could help me with it, like, contributing stuff. Send me what you've got in the next two weeks to "birdiewearsatie@web.de", and I'll love you forever. For anyone who does not want to do that much work, please leave a comment and tell me
1. what is the sassiest thing you did
2. the sassiest person (can be fictional) you know.
Thank you in advance! It would be great if you could contribute.
Well, these are pictures of some pages in my journal I did recently. I like the way they turned out. The first one includes a playlist of the songs I have been living to lately, go listen to them, they are amazing, seriously. The pictures I used are from a Vintage National Geographic.
The photos below show a shrine I have in my room - some may call it chaos but it's a shrine with a bunch of random stuff. The superman is from a fleamarket, on the left side there are some zines and gifts from my pen pals, and on the right side pointe shoes (I used to dance ballett). And my typewriter which is broken but looks good.

I hope you are all fine,



Jun 16, 2013

You can crush the flowers but you can't stop the spring, no matter what you say. So you can put the clouds up in your own little way, but the sun is gonna come up the very next day, it's gonna be so bright it's gonna blow you away.

 Hello world.  
I have been in such a psychedelic mood today - I'm relaxing, listening to The Flaming lips, working on my journal (I found some vintage National Geographics on a fleamarket, and they are from 1968 and 1967 and just freaking amazing!!) , pressing flowers, and then I went outside and took these pictures. They aren't edited, I just used some weird sunglasses and put then in front of the lense, and it creates such a awesome psychedelic vibe. It's like, a rainbow in every single photo! I love the way these turned out, and I am looking forward to more photo sets with those glasses! I hope you like these.

Also, Eva wrote this a few posts ago, and I kinda fell in love with that quote.
 Teendom is probably the biggest fantasy I could ever think to experience. It's just a completely symbolic time period. It's a symbol of freedom and rebellion and I just love everything being a teen stands for.

Have a great sunday, honeys.



Say hello to my cat. She's fat but she's the cutest.

 It's still early sunday morning, and I was to lazy to put anything special on, so I wore my new jumpsuit! I bought it on a fleamarket yesterday, and it's so cozy and summer-esque.
 Sorry for this weird pose. But I like how it looks like I have a gazillion arms.

 I think this one is a really pretty picture of me! 

 My cat which looks like a queen, or at least tries to. 
Um, I'm sorry for how I look in that picture. 

Jun 14, 2013

Flipping through all my teen magazines, brainwash me, believe in a fantasy. What to wear, how much to pay, style my hair, how much to weigh, hey hey hey, don’t be consumed - a false attitude is what they construe!

Hey guys! It has been a while. I guess I was busy with living, and with summer, or at least pretending it was summer. I have spent a lot of time with my friends, and we had so much fun. We went to a local park, took thousands of pictures and it was so great. Yesterday my boyfriend and I made ice cream and it tastes awesome! But I'm still dreaming of ice cream with Pizza flavor, haha.
I really like living currently. People sometimes don't suck as much as they usually do, the school year is not that long anymore, the weather is getting better and my record player is amazing and I have been listening to the Rookie flexidisc all day long. Sometimes I totally feel teenage-esque, you know, including flower crowns, ice cream and angstiness. It feels good. Sometimes, I am surprised about how great life can be, how nice some people are. Though, I feel like the gap between extremely great people and super stupid ones is getting bigger. A girl in our class said, a few days ago, that a gay couple and a child can't be a family, when we spoke about gay rights and feminism. I was so shocked about how disgustingly intolerant people can be. I mean, how can you say such a thing? Why wouldn't two men and a child be a family? A lot of feminist issues have been on my mind lately.
Well, let's get to my outfit! I finally managed to sew a dress! It turned out awesome, and I am really really proud of it. It's dark green velvet, aka one of the coolest fabrics ever. It's really ~floaty~ and teen-witch-y. There's also a zipper! As I am an sewing beginner, I'm really happy that the zipper turned out really good. It also has a nice fit. And I have always wanted  a dress which looks like this when you are spinning around:

Isn't that amazing? Anyways, I am also wearing a few bracelets from when I was younger, and three rings I found today, in a little boy where I used to keep my jewelery in. It's a lion and a cat ring, both with goggly eyes! And a one with just one super cute goggly eye. The shoes are from Asos and the socks from a trip to Spain. I put on black lipstick, for, kinda, teen witch vibes (Just came to my mind, I watched Teen Witch! It's perfect! I really recommend it to you guys.) . 

I hope you are all fine!



Jun 6, 2013

They put you down, they say Im wrong - you tacky thing, you put them on! Rebel rebel, you've torn your dress, Rebel rebel, your face is a mess, Rebel rebel, how could they know?

Hello! Yesterday was a ~very special day~. It was my one-year-blogging-anniversary! I can't believe it has been such a long time since I started this blog. I remember how freaking exited I was when I started it - I had been thinking about starting a blog for half a year before I finally did. I kept a journal full of ideas and layouts and posts for months, and I wrote about a gazillion first posts. I have never regret starting this blog, like never. I love blogging - sure, it's a lot of work, and I never blog regularly, but I put this blog together with all my heart and soul. I am really proud of my blog, and I think it changed me a lot.
Blogging made me way more self-confident - my style has changed and developed a lot. I am just clicking through my blog, hitting "older posts" for the 10000. time. I am quite embarrassed by a few posts, but there are some which I really loved and had so much fun putting them together. It's crazy how much my style has changed during this year - I got so much braver, and tougher, and brave enough to wear really "weird" clothes. I gained so much self-confidence and I don't care about whatever people might say about my style. Strange people on the street come to me telling me that I look super awesome, and that's just such a great feeling. I definitely am a freak - but hey, I am proud! Blogging brought me to so much super cool stuff. I would have never discovered that kind of Rookie style, or all those awesome gals from the wandering collective. I have made so many new friends through the internet. It's a great way to find people who are also "different". I wish our little grrl gang could exist in reality. The internet is also full of inspiration for not only my style, but also for living in general (if that makes sense). My blog means so much for me! You would never believe it.
I want to explain why I dress the way I do. It's a lot about being different. In my first post, I wrote this: I'm trying hard not to look like everybody. Fashion is not only for being accepted or "cool" or something, it is a way to express who you are and who you want to be. It is about showing your identity. And this is still what I am thinking. It's like, everything I wear screams out "That is me and I don't care what you think!". Dressing different need some courage, especially in a conservative area like I was born in (unfortunately). But it's kind of a logical consequence of being individual - I am different and I want to show it to everybody. Recently, I put on some really "mainstream" stuff, and I looked at myself in the mirror and I hated it. I didn't feel comfortable at all, it's just not me. Another reason for dressing weird is that I just like it. I think it's amazing, and that's it.
Blogging is awesome, I love it so much. Basically, I want to hug everyone who reads this. All your comments and mails are utterly cute, and you always make my day. You are great and I love you.
Here are some posts I especially liked:

This one is the coolest post on my blog, I guess.
I love this, this and that outfit. And this one.
This is something about me.
My zines, Tavi and Rookie.

That's it! Thank you so much for reading my blog, it means so much to me. My blog has become a huge part of my life.

Jun 3, 2013

Capri Sun and plastic guns, welcome to our oblivion. Hanging out, and having fun- we were always down, always will be down, we were always down staring at the sunset.

Hey honeys! It has been forever (again) since I last posted. Anyways, here's a ~very special~ outfit post. It's special because of the unicorns. And David Bowie. I really like this outfit, actually! I think it's kinda my style in one outfit, like a mix of Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill and Reasons to be beautiful by Hole and Always by Erase. Well, I am wearing my fishnet socks from Spain, super cute jelly flats from the thrift store, a tulle skirt from when I was eight or somethin', a gifted blouse, a DIYed studded collar that you can't really see, and, most important, my brandnew Unicorn jumper! Just to make sure you got it, Unicorn jumper. I DIYed it today and I am just in love with it. It's super cozy and unicorn-ly. The tie dye jumper is actually from Primark, and I ironed that unicorn picture on today (I own this really awesome textil print foil to iron prints on clothing). Here's a closeup of the unicorn:

HOW CUTE IS THAT. Everybody thinks I am a freak because I believe in unicorns. I am still trying to figure out where they are. Anyways:

I went on a really big fleamarket last weekend! I found no clothing, can you believe it? But I found so many records! I love love love my record player. I own some singles from Led Zeppelin, they were three bucks each and with the songs Rock'n Roll, Immigrant song, Four sticks and Hey Hey what can I do. It sounds so different played with a record player, much cooler and more original. I also bought Space Oddity by David Bowie! Being a huge Bowie fan, I totally freaked out when I found it. It has several scratches but it still sounds great. And some jerk drew Bowie a beard, as you can see. Well, I also was given a Bob Dylan record, and the record of the concert in Central park by Simon and Garfunkel! It's utterly beautiful and I have been listening to it all day long. Sound of Silence is such a beautiful song. Also, a friend lent me The Rocky Horror Picture Show! I love that musical, and "Sweet Transvestite" is so amazing.

Hope you are all fine!